[Observe] Where is the fashion industry where robots get together?

: In March this year, AlphaGo defeated the man-machine battle of Korea Go Seiji Lee Seishi. This is the constant change of the robot industry. From the year 2014 of China’s industrial robots to the year of 2015 when China’s robotics industry broke out, until the year of 2016 China’s intelligent robots. As the core of the detonation of the fourth industrial revolution, robots have been given high expectations, even to the level of national strategy.

Regardless of policy, capital, or companies, they are all arranged at different levels. However, a series of challenges have also emerged: Are the standards for industry development still consummated? Where will the “war” of the robot industrial parks in different regions go? Where are the most concerned service robots? This series of problems is a test currently faced by the robotics industry.


â–²Photographing/each reporter

From December 13th to 16th, “2016 China Robot Industry Promotion Conference” sponsored by China Robotics Industry Alliance was held in Wuhu. Daily Economic News (Micro-signal: nbdnews) The reporter interviewed policy makers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and investors at the conference and tried to outline the development of the robotics industry.

Scene expansion brings industry fission

“In the past, the application scenario of service robots was more in the laboratory, but its application of scenarios in 2017 will further fission.” This is the general manager and founder of Beijing Kangliyou Blue Robot Co., Ltd. Liu Xuenan for service robots in 2017 Predict. He believes that in all industries, the true industrial-grade fission comes from the application of the scene, just as the computer market really broke out, because of the Internet's application of the scene, there will be many failed cases in the fission process, but this fission will help The technology that pushes the industrialization of robots really landed.

According to the IFR report, sales of professional service robots will increase to around 152,000 units during 2015-2018, and the market size will increase to US$19.6 billion, which is close to 5 times the market size in 2014. In 2014, total sales of personal/family service robots were 4.7 million units, an increase of 28% compared to 2013, and total sales reached US$2.2 billion.


â–² At the 2015 China Robotics Industry Promotion Conference, guests present at the conference were watching an intelligent entertainment robot. Photo source: Oriental IC

Speaking of the development trend of service robots, Liu Xuenan told Daily Economic News (Micro Signal: nbdnews) that service robots will have more opportunities for integration with artificial intelligence. Specifically, the underlying technologies and basic technologies will gradually converge. There are several large companies in each area to do, and even appear giants; at the same time, in some segments, it will further fission and subdivision.

In terms of business models, Liu Xuenan thinks that there may be low-cost hardware or even free-to-play models to open up the household consumption at low prices. In addition, the modularization and modularization of service robots will become the focus of consumer crowd-sourced artificial intelligence tools. Will be the focus.

On the other hand, Liu Xuenan said that the growth and growth of the service robot industry is not a simple hardware like the smart bracelet in the past. The growth model is the growth of the eco-platform, which is upgraded from the technical level, industrial level and ecological level. These hardware solutions It will facilitate the rapid hardware fission of the robot. The software also has a variety of artificial intelligence related modules and technologies.

Liu Rui, director of artificial intelligence at NetEase, said that if the service robot company simply broke through the technology side, it was only the first step. How to optimize the experience through content support is also very important. In this regard, Liu Xuenan also said that for service robots, technology and content are indispensable.

Difficult to find: a lot of results "sleeping" in the Institute

"The era of service robots has started. No matter if it is the European Union, Japan, or South Korea, the investment in this area is far greater than that of industrial robots. The future market for service robots has almost no ceiling." Chairman of China Robotics Industry Alliance, Xinsong Robotics Automation Qu Daokui, president of the company, is also optimistic about the future of service robots.

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