"DayZ" founder VR's new work "Effective Food" will be announced

"DayZ" founder VR's new work "Effective Food" will be announced from Baidu VR

The new work of DayZ founder Dean Hall will be announced.

According to Eurogamer, Hall will bring his new work at the EGX Games in London, UK, next month, where players will be able to experience it. In addition, Hall will hold a lecture to discuss his new game and the RocketWerkz studio in New Zealand.

The EGX game show will begin on March 30 and continue until April 1. Ken Levine, the father of BioShock, will make an opening speech.

According to foreign media reports, RocketWerkz Studio is developing five games, including a VR game called "Everything", and lands on HTC Vive. The other one is "Ion," which looks mysterious. It was announced at E3 2015.

Last year, Hall hinted at a multiplayer game that sounds very interesting. This game is likely to be the new work Hall will present on the EGX.

"Day Z" is still the first to experience the game on Steam, but sales have exceeded 3 million units. This will also be landing PS4, but do not expect to soon.

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