The tragedy caused by a New Year's dinner: How to get the lamp on the table?

The first national event in the Year of the Monkey, if the Spring Festival Evening is not counted, is the tragedy of the Shanghai girl and the Jiangxi boyfriend who were hotly debated by the whole people these two days.

“A girl from a middle-lower class in Shanghai, who went to her boyfriend’s home in the mountains of Jiangxi during the Spring Festival, was not very comfortable with the whole environment. Especially after seeing dinner, the whole person collapsed. So I went to the Shanghai local forum. Help, and finally left the boyfriend's home to return to Shanghai overnight." (The above description reprinted from the head of the article "Girl, your problem is not educated", interested can go to the WeChat public account of the head of the dish to read this Text.)

That dinner caused an uproar dinner, the picture of the girl PO on the forum is this:

And the dish and even a picture, I said that if there is a good mobile phone, shooting may be the effect:

It may be difficult for a mobile phone to achieve this effect, but the lighting is indeed ok. It is not a problem that the lighting is not bright enough to add wattage, but the quality of the lighting.

Of course, if you change a light bulb, you will not go away? I have the same opinion as the head of the dish: there will be no change in the ending.

So, for this boy, everything we say is, and eggs.

But the importance of good lighting is self-evident. For every family, it makes a lot of sense to make the dishes on your table better.

No picture without truth, one picture is worth a thousand words, å’± direct point, on the comparison chart.

fried chicken


Grilled fish

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