ROHM successfully developed high-brightness wafer LEDs

ROHM has developed a high-brightness wafer LED "SML-D15 Series" which is most suitable for car equipment such as car audio and instrumentation, and a single Rank and 1608 size for machine tools and consumer product display panels.

The "SML-D15 Series" complies with the ROHM Semiconductor's consistent system. From the production component stage, it has been highly demanding for each detail. Finally, it has succeeded in greatly reducing the uneven brightness of the traditional LED manufacturing bottleneck and making the brightness stable. The phenomenon of uneven brightness is only 1/4 of the traditional products, and the high-precision level has succeeded in achieving a single Rank specification which is rare in the industry, and solves the problem of uneven brightness of each application device.

Review the LED light-emitting components and adjust them to the optimum. The brightness can be up to 3 times compared with the traditional ROHM semiconductor products, and the brightness is successfully achieved. In the size of 1608 (1.6 × 0.8mm), the brightness is in the industry. In addition, it also meets the market demand for the quality standard AEC-Q101 for vehicle parts.

This series will start shipping samples from September. The pre-process plants are ROHM Corporation (Kyoto City) and ROHM-Wako Electro nics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), and the post-process is at ROHM Sem1ico nductor (China) Co., Ltd. (China) . ROHM Semiconductor will continue to strive for high brightness, miniaturization, and high precision of LEDs in the future, and further enhance the performance of each application device.

For vehicle devices such as instrumentation and navigation, and machine tools that use multiple rows of LEDs at the same time, in order to improve the performance of the application device, the market is increasingly demanding to reduce uneven brightness. But in general, LEDs in the production process, there will be a phenomenon of uneven brightness. Traditionally, in order to control the phenomenon of uneven brightness, four brightness level products are set in advance, and then two to three brightness level products are specified, and the brightness level products that can be delivered are selected, and then the brightness level products of the delivery are matched. By using the resistor to adjust, the design process is increased.

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