Mingwei Electronics Co., Ltd. hosted the G20-LED Lighting Summit CMO Conference with new products debut

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Zhao Hui] Sponsored by Gaogong LED, the 4th G20-LED Summit CMO meeting hosted by Shenzhen Mingwei Electronics Co., Ltd. will be held in Shenzhen on October 25. CMOs and high-level representatives including 21 member companies will attend this CMO meeting. The CMOs of various companies attending the conference will discuss the integration and innovation of LED marketing models in the era of micro-marketing around the theme of “Tradition and Innovation, Micro-Marketing Power LED”.

Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, secretary-general of the G20-LED Lighting Summit, believes that the LED industry is in a period of change, and various companies have already been gearing up. In addition to the previous price wars, competition for brands and channels will begin. The competition in the entire LED industry will be more intense.

In such an industrial turning point, the G20-LED Lighting Summit member companies, which are the industry's vane, need to play a leading role as a leading company, and at the same time strengthen the cooperation among member companies within the summit. Through this platform, member companies, upper and lower reaches In the supply chain, technology, marketing and other aspects of the multi-faceted cooperation, to share the big cake in the LED lighting market.

The integration and innovation of the marketing model will be the focus of discussion at this CMO meeting.

The conference will focus on the focus trends of WeChat marketing, micro video marketing and new media, mobile Internet development, etc. From the global business social platform, new media model, the future of mobile Internet development, how to use the LED industry to explore the future expansion of marketing Space, for LED micro-marketing to explore service models, create value and action plan reference.

Another highlight of this conference is that Mingwei Electronics, as the organizer, will hold a new technology and new product launch conference at the G20-LED Summit CMO meeting.

As a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in integrated circuit design, commissioning and sales, Mingwei Electronics has been continuously carrying out technological innovations in line with market changes, and has accumulated rich experience in IC design and power supply reliability stability. And received high praise and trust from customers.

With the increasing attention to product quality in the LED lighting market, the development trend and selection of LED driving power sources are getting more and more attention.

"In terms of product design, Mingwei Electronics will always put the performance and safety factors of the power supply first, and use innovative design to improve product performance, and then reduce production costs through large-scale production." Li Zhaohua, deputy general manager of Mingwei Electronics It is said that Mingwei Electronics has successively introduced various solutions such as SM7313P full patch integrated bulb lamp solution, SM2087 integration solution, SM7650, SM7630, SM208ND stroboscopic scheme, etc., in order to meet the needs of LED lighting market and customers. Turn.

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