Summary Interpretation: Fingerprint Identification Chipsets Actively Layout

At present, smartphones using Android 5.0 or above use full disk encryption technology. According to incomplete statistics, Chinese users who use Android 5.0 or above have more than 10 million users. Communication experts pointed out that mobile phone chips have more vulnerabilities than mobile phone viruses. In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones have become an important carrier for personal financial management and privacy. Once a universal vulnerability occurs, its impact is enormous, and mobile phone security More attention and daily prevention should be obtained from the industry chain and consumers.

In order to improve information security, in recent years, smartphone manufacturers have deployed biometric systems. In order to better protect the data of mobile phone users, the use of fingerprint recognition technology is particularly important. Biometric technology not only ensures the security of mobile phone information, but also can be quickly unlocked. As early as 2012, Apple spent $356 million to acquire fingerprint sensor manufacturer AuthenTec, and then Apple introduced mobile devices with embedded biometrics. Apple's Touch ID biometrics offer superior performance in terms of speed and security, without storing fingerprint images and using dedicated chips to improve security. In addition, Samsung's iris scanning technology will also be used in the new flagship mobile phone, opening up space for the information security market.

Actively deploy biometrics

Biometric technology is closely combined with high-tech means such as optics, acoustics, biosensors and biostatistics, using the inherent physiological characteristics of the human body, such as fingerprints, faces, irises, and behavioral features such as handwriting, sound, and steps. State, etc. to identify individuals. In biometric identification, fingerprint recognition and face recognition are characterized by rapid, direct, friendly and wide-spreading, and have great potential in the fields of security control and payment.

With the rapid spread of smart phone fingerprint recognition, the penetration rate of chips and modules continues to increase. Mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, and Meizu have successively launched fingerprint terminals and popularized them to various brands, speeding up the penetration of biometric functions from high-end to low-end. In recent years, the proportion of mobile phones with fingerprint recognition has continued to increase. According to CCID statistics, global fingerprint chip shipments in 2014 were 210 million, but in 2015 it increased to 360 million, with a growth rate of 73.02%. It is estimated that by 2016, global fingerprint chip shipments will reach 550 million. The growth rate is expected to be close to 50%. In addition, the penetration rate of the fingerprint recognition device of Android system was about 25% last year. It is expected that the penetration rate of fingerprint identification equipment will increase to 50% this year, and there is huge room for future development.

With the rapid development of biometrics technology, in addition to fingerprint recognition, the application of face recognition and finger vein recognition products technology is becoming more and more widespread. Many chip manufacturers are also actively deploying face recognition and finger vein recognition products. Biometric industry development.

We can see that Fujitsu has introduced PalmSecure ID Match that recognizes finger veins. Cypress partnered with Norwegian Idex ASA to launch the TrueTouch Fingerprint Reader. In addition, NXP Semiconductor partnered with Next Biometrics to launch an app that can handle sensing at any time for smartphones and improve smart card biometrics.

SmartMetric applies wireless RF technology to identity cards and launches a full-featured fingerprint biometric reader. In addition, SynapTIcs also introduces a Natural ID that can be recognized by a single touch. It has been adopted by Samsung Electronics Galaxy S5. SynapTIcs also intends to introduce eye scanning technology and fingerprint sensing technology into the automotive and game market.

SynapTIcs, Cypress, Qualcomm, Microsoft, NXP, Google and PayPal are all Fast IdenTIty Online (FIDO) alliances, and their member Nok Nok Labs recognition technology is also adopted by the MedImpact Healthcare Systems healthcare system.

Fingerprint identification enhances chip security technology

At present, biometrics are widely used for fingerprint, face and voice recognition. The use of acquisition devices on mobile terminals does not require special equipment, and the cost is lower, which is more easily accepted by the market. With the continuous improvement of bio-recognition related technologies, technologies such as iris, retina and palm print will gradually mature, and the future is expected to develop rapidly in the fields of information security, personal consumption market and financial application. The agency expects that by 2016, the biometric key application market will exceed 20 billion yuan.

Fingerprint, because of its lifetime immutability, uniqueness and convenience, has become almost synonymous with biometrics. We know that the points formed by interruptions, bifurcations or transitions in the fingerprint are the detailed feature points, and these detailed feature points can be said to provide confirmation information about the uniqueness of the fingerprint. Typical examples are termination points and bifurcation points and bifurcation points, isolated points, ring points, short lines, and the like. By recording the direction of your fingerprint, the location of the feature points (determining the position via the X/Y axis), you can create a fingerprint lock that is unique in the world, and the key is your fingerprint.

Since the orientation of each fingerprint scan is not exactly the same, different focus points will bring about different degrees of deformation, and thus there will be a large number of fuzzy fingerprints. Therefore, the key to fingerprint recognition technology is to correctly extract features and achieve correct matching. Fingerprint recognition involves many subjects such as image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision.

In order to improve safety technology considerations, the fingerprint identification application market has begun to take rapid momentum. Many of the major chip manufacturers that are the core of fingerprint identification have begun to emerge in the industry.

[AutenTec] American company, one of the world's best original fingerprint chip manufacturers, was acquired by Apple in 2012. Currently, it only provides fingerprint chips for Apple products such as iPhone, mainly for front-pressing sapphire cover fingerprint recognition solution.

[FPC] Swedish company, one of the world's best fingerprint chip manufacturers, is currently the largest fingerprint chip supplier in the Android camp. The flagship machines of all major Android mobile phone brands use the company's solution, such as Huawei mate7; The coating is fingerprinted and there are also positive and side solutions.

[Xinsi] American enterprise, the world's leading mobile computing, communication and entertainment equipment human-machine interface interactive development solution design and manufacturing company. In 2013, the acquisition of Validity entered the biometrics market, focusing on the sliding fingerprint scheme. This year, it also began to ship push-type fingerprints.

[Huiding] Mainland enterprises, the world's leading supplier of capacitive touch chips, fingerprint identification chips and solutions. One of the major domestic fingerprint chip suppliers, and one of the most active domestic fingerprint chip suppliers in the second half of this year, has launched several branded fingerprint mobile phones including vivo X6 and Le 1s, both front and back. And glass cover scheme.

[Aegis] Taiwanese companies, fingerprint algorithms are in the leading position in the industry. The results of entering the Samsung supply chain are impressive.

[Mai Rui Wei] Mainland enterprises, one of the major domestic fingerprint chip suppliers, have the original "CQT" capacitive sensing theory.

[Siliwei] Mainland enterprises, one of the major domestic fingerprint chip suppliers.

[Dongtai Electronics] Taiwanese company is the world's leading provider of human-machine interface solutions, with the world's most complete capacitive touch screen solution, a full range of TFT LCD display driver & control solutions, fingerprint recognition solutions and Force Touch ( Pressure touch) program.

[Yelong Electronics] Taiwanese companies are well-known chip design companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Elan's fingerprint chips began to be designed last year and began mass production in June this year.

[Fenger] The mainland enterprise, the traditional fingerprint chip manufacturer, is an integrated circuit chip design company focusing on fingerprint recognition sensor chips, modules, algorithms and system products.

[BYD Microelectronics] Mainland enterprises have been committed to the development of integrated circuits and power devices. The first fingerprint chip was released in May this year, all of which are pressed, with both front and back options.

[Mao's] Taiwanese companies are committed to application development such as data storage and fingerprint recognition, and mainly promote sliding fingerprint solutions.

[MStar] Taiwanese company is an international high-tech company specializing in the research and development of hybrid video signal control chip technology. It is also involved in the research and development and sales of fingerprint chips.

[Xinyi Technology] Shenzhen Xinyi Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated circuit design enterprise established by Silicon Valley senior technology and management experts.

[Betley] The mainland enterprise is a state-level high-tech innovative enterprise with high-end integrated circuit design.

[Ji Chuang North] Mainland enterprises, products include power management chips, LED driver chips, touch chips and fingerprint chips.

[Yallot] Mainland enterprises, the traditional fingerprint chip manufacturer, is the world's leading supplier of biometric core solutions, China's biometric industry standard development unit, and member of the National 863 Program Information Security Alliance.

[US Faith] Korean companies develop and sell world-leading touch ICs, touch screen modules and touch buttons.


Taiwan-based enterprises, the traditional industry fingerprint chip factory, the algorithm inherits the Lithuanian faction, and inherits Japanese technology, now the main type of capacitive fingerprint chip.

[Equation] Mainland enterprises, traditional industry fingerprint chip manufacturers, have been committed to the design of biometrics and VLSI.

Fingerprint identification concept stock

Guonong Science and Technology: a listed company with biomedicine, engineering and technical services, and real estate development as its main business. The company has a leading position in the domestic biochemical pharmaceutical industry, with core competitiveness of product quality and cost advantages, and can carry out project technical cooperation and CMO business with large multinational pharmaceutical institutions.

Hang Seng Electronics: It is one of the famous software developers in China, such as finance and securities. It is also an important software developer and system integrator in the fields of telecommunications, futures, e-government, security, and software outsourcing.

New Cape: It is one of the earliest companies engaged in the R&D, production and integration of smart card systems. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the software development of smart card system and the development, production, integration, sales and service of various intelligent terminals. It can provide customers with functions such as identity recognition, micropayment, resource management and information integration. Integrated smart card system overall solution and personalized customization service.

Yi Lianzhong: It is one of the early companies engaged in the construction of labor and social security information, and has long been focusing on the research, development, application and promotion of software technology and services in the people's livelihood industry. The main products and services include software and embedded software (IC card), hardware and system integration and technical service outsourcing, and people's livelihood information services.

Furi Electronics: Hunchun Baoli Communication Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Furi Electronics, specializes in car fingerprint anti-theft systems, and has corresponding technical reserves in the field of fingerprint identification and application.

Under the guidance of major technology giants, the market penetration of biometric devices has increased rapidly, and upstream core chips and module manufacturers will benefit first. Future biometric authentication is expected to become a basic Internet service, which will usher in new business opportunities in the fields of personal applications, financial services and consumption.

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