Civilian HDR movie king TCL D55A730U smart TV unboxing demo

From 4K TVs to curved TVs, TCL has always shouldered the responsibilities of “universalism” and successfully made 4K and curved surfaces look like high-end elements to more ordinary consumers. Today, HDR TV's boom in 2016, thanks to its ecologically advanced HDR technology, TCL has once again successfully democratized HDR technology and launched a series of TV products that support full ecological HDR. TCL D55A730U as the second generation of movie king, in addition to ultra-high color gamut upgrade, also added HDR technology to further enhance the viewing experience, feel the more extreme picture.

The screen is getting bigger and bigger, but the pursuit of appearance is never changed. TCL D55A730U integrates a thin body, two-sided scroll borders, and a rounded back panel as a whole, in the appearance of full of sincerity. The author is no longer nonsense, and it starts right out of the box.

Out of the box

TV products are special, and the screen part is easily damaged during transportation, so the packaging part must be careful. TCL D55A730U adopts the packaging method commonly used by home appliances, in order to better protect the security of the screen in the transport process, the interior of course has to set a large number of foam to fix the various components, and play a role in collision avoidance, so we also open the TV There will be no trace of damage.

After unpacking, in addition to the TV main unit, the accessories are basically these, remote control and a pair of No. 7 dry batteries, metal bases and screws, power cords, tricolor lines, and operating instructions.

In today's TV products, wall holes are set to accommodate more people's needs. However, the general family still uses a pedestal to place the majority, TCL D55A730U comes with a full metal base, easy to install, one can complete, do not worry about the installation of the online purchase.

TCL D55A730U inherited the previous chocolate button, the key is relatively large, the chance of accidental touch is very small. In the hands grasp the holding part is relatively thicker and rounded, in addition to leaving space for installing the battery, but also to make the hand hold a great sense of the surface of the mirror effect, strabismus can also have a deep black stone glance .

Summary: OK, TCL D55A730U have also been disassembled here. The whole process actually took a few minutes and it was very convenient. On the positive side, the whole view is good, the screen and frame are almost integrated, and the arched metal base is more stable than the elegant and beautiful appearance. More details need to be further explored.


The scroll axis is one of the highlights of TCL's TV appearance design. It truly gives you a beautiful picture. TCL D55A730U inherits this feature perfectly. At the same time using one-piece alloy back shell, it also makes it more texture, and further improve the details of the back.

The TCL's iconic LOGO appears at the bottommost center of the bottom and is aligned with the bottom of the breathing light. The shaft-shaped silver frame became the only embellishment of this electrocuted frame, and it's a brain-filled viewing experience. The use of an all-metal arched base gives this "picture" the most stable support.

The one-piece back shell with a triangular rib design is more than adequate, allowing the edges to increase the lines and increase the strength. The location of the vents is located in the raised area of ​​the back, and the curved design also makes the cooling area larger and more beautiful.

As a smart TV, external devices must be able to function less, TCL D55A730U comes with USB, HDMI and other mainstream external interfaces to meet most of the needs of use. The keys on the back of the camera are five circular physical keys, which can easily control the TV even when the remote control is not found.

Summary: In the details section, including the design of the shading frame, the integral back shell and the triangular ribs, it can be seen that TCL has not forgotten the most basic security while pursuing the ultimate craftsmanship. Therefore, TCL D55A730U at least in the appearance part can be regarded as qualified. Then you can directly boot the demo!


TCL D55A730U uses RGB true 4K screen, RG phosphor high color LED backlight, color gamut coverage of up to 115%, and has a full ecological HDR powerful attribute bonus. In terms of hardware, the 64-bit 14-core flagship TV processor is equipped with 1.5GB of operating memory, supports a 5-second fast boot, and no longer has to wait.

The TCL D55A 730U is equipped with a new TV+OS 3.0 TV system and a brand-new UI interface for the TV+OS 3.0 intelligent system, further simplifying the operation steps. The easy-to-use UI style will quickly make spending habits and have a good user experience.

In the film and television sector, it integrates resources such as movies, TV shows and variety shows, and it has resources suitable for consumers of different ages, including animation. At the same time, in order to give full play to the characteristics of the viewing video king, TCL's global broadcast line area supports the hot movie and movie theaters to be on-line, and no longer need to go to the cinema to queue up for tickets.

In addition to the conventional film and television area, TCL D55A730U also has life shopping, education, entertainment and K songs area, from online shopping to games to K songs, readily available, so that smart TV can be more and more abundant, maybe the next wheat Hell is you!

As a smart TV, the application market is indispensable. The TCL D55A730U comes with an application store that allows you to download more rich applications to further enrich the functionality of smart TVs. At the same time TCL's TV guards are also able to clean up the process and junk files, and eliminate Caton.

Summary: TCL D55A730U system is simple and beautiful, content covers film and television drama, variety, animation, sports live video and other relatively rich video resources, basically to meet the needs of the vast majority of people watching, subdivided video area, find it more convenient. The biggest feature is the global broadcast line area. It is also very enjoyable to be able to watch movies at the same time at home.

Users of TCL D55A730U TV can refer to Tutorial: TCL TV Universal Tutorial Installation Method Install Sofa Manager to extend third-party applications.

Summary: TCL D55A730U TV selection of stable black appearance design, ultra-thin body, double-shaft edge frame design, just the right side and curvature, in design is indeed nothing to say. At the same time with a strong hardware configuration and excellent system experience, plus the amount of resources in Shanghai, as a family viewing purposes, what else he does not have it?


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