Liquid metal fusion sapphire to create the ultimate iPhone

Electronic devices are now very common, such as mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, watches, glasses, and headphones. What these electronic devices have in common is that each generation of updates will add more new features, and thus the number of circuits in the device will increase and the available space will be less and less.

Some electronic devices use cover glass or other hard, transparent elements to protect the screen. The purpose of such a cover glass is mainly to protect the screen, but from the perspective of maximizing the available space of the electronic circuit, the presence of such cover glass is a waste of space.

Moreover, in order to protect the screen, electronic equipment usually uses sapphire or other hard ceramic materials. Because of the hardness, these materials cause many difficulties in cutting, polishing and polishing. In order to further utilize these spaces, Apple came up with ways to improve these materials and embed electronic components inside them. This is also an Apple patent recently announced by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple said the new screen structure will make the device thinner. For example, after sapphire has embedded electronic components, it can be part of the device's outer casing; and because sapphire is transparent, it is also the cover glass of the screen.

Last year, Apple also obtained a similar patent that combines sapphire with liquid metal. Simply put, a device like the iPhone has a sapphire screen, and the body is made of liquid metal, namely liquid metal and sapphire. The screen meets to create the ultimate iPhone.

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