How to make LED lighting companies profitable?

How to make LED lighting companies profitable? Now there are many negative news in the LED industry. Some companies have closed down, the performance of listed companies has declined, and prices have fallen rapidly. The government’s support policies and financial strength have once declined, and the profitability of enterprises has declined. In a word, there are many difficulties. The LED industry is now rising at a rate of 30% every year. Based on the two requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, the government's support for LED will not disappear. LED market dominance has been formed, the traditional lighting can not be compared with the LED.

It is very important for LED lighting companies to make profits. What profits do companies rely on now?

First, to enter the upstream, master the core technology, determine the status of the industry and pricing power, such as the National Star Optoelectronics, from the original midstream to expand the upstream and downstream companies.

Second, the use of machine-based, automated production equipment, reduce product costs, combat competitors and expand market share, such as Foshan Lighting.

Third, focus on research and development and design, design to achieve "people-oriented", and integration of lighting into health concepts, such as Kathy Europe lighting.

There are many ways for companies to make profits, and there is no corresponding formula to explain them. However, for enterprises, profit is self-evident. A company's failure to make profits means "towards destruction." Therefore, how to make profits will be an eternal topic.

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