Application of Industrial Control Computer in the Field of Automobile Inspection

1. Composition of computer network detection system

The computer network detection system is composed of an industrial computer, a network hub (or switch), a network adapter, and a communication interface.

Second, the structure of the computer network detection system

The computer network detection system is composed of a detection line server as the center to form a LAN of the detection station to achieve in-line resource sharing. At the same time, it connects with the superior competent department and related business departments to form a wide area network to achieve information sharing and functional supervision. At present, the commonly used network structure is a star topology structure. The network operating system mostly uses Windows 2000 Server, and the database platform is commonly used in large-scale relational databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server2000.

The structure of the computer network detection system is shown in the following figure:

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3. The function of computer network detection system

According to the relevant regulations of GB7258-2004, GA468-2004, etc., the industrial computer is used to connect the weighing line, braking, speed, exhaust gas, smoke, lighting, sound level and other detection equipment on the detection line to connect the equipment of each station. The signal is conditioned and collected to form a digital signal, which is automatically transmitted to the host computer for storage. A complete test report is formed according to the test result, and it can provide data query analysis and statistical functions, so as to realize the automatic management of the vehicle safety detection and the superior Information sharing between competent departments and related business departments.

The functions of each part are introduced as follows:

1. Login to the subsystem

The login function is the beginning of the computer network detection system, which mainly completes the registration of the information of the inspected vehicle and provides the necessary parameters for the inspection.

2. External inspection query comparison function

The external inspection station mainly inspects the appearance of the inspected vehicle. According to the requirements of GA468-2004, it inspects the appearance and chassis dynamic items of the vehicle one by one and stores the appearance inspection results in the computer.

3. Online scheduling function

After the vehicle registration is completed, the on-line dispatching function dispatches the vehicles that have been registered and passed the external inspection and completes the inspection of the items that should be inspected.

4. Project measurement and control function

The measurement and control software on the station machine is the core unit of the test line test, and has the key role of inheriting the past. The main function is to complete the measurement and control functions from the detection of input and output switching value, mechanical action control, signal conditioning after sensor signal output of controlled equipment, to data collection and other detection processes. It can be used according to the requirements of GA468-2004 and GB7258-2004 Motor vehicle speedometer, exhaust gas, smoke, headlights, horn sound level, side slip, axle load, brake, chassis and other items are tested and controlled, guiding and instructing the pilot to perform auxiliary operations and real-time testing results determination.

5. Main control function

The main control function is generally completed by the main control industrial control computer that also serves as the test line server, usually using a high-performance industrial control computer, the main control function mainly performs the full line control and scheduling of vehicle detection, data synthesis and storage, usually the test report is in the main control module For printing.

6. Data management

Data management mainly refers to inquiring statistics of test data and completing relevant system settings.

7. Convenient and flexible calibration function

The computer network detection system should have convenient and flexible measurement and inspection functions. Each subsystem can be calibrated by itself. The calibration program mainly provides a calibration interface for the measured values ​​of each controlled testing device, and displays the zero output of each analog input channel of the controlled device on the interface. , A / D value and calibration value, provide zero calibration and restore operation.

8. Fault self-diagnosis and analysis prompt function

The computer network detection system should be able to find its own faults in a timely manner, and analyze and prompt the parts where the faults occur, to help users eliminate the faults. That is, when the system is running, it will automatically diagnose and prompt faults such as smart cards, photoelectric switches, sensors, or lines to ensure the normal operation of the detection system:

9. Monitoring function

The monitoring function is mainly used to monitor the actual working conditions of each station of the detection line and the detection status and location of the online vehicle for the owner or management function department in the lounge to observe and understand the situation on the site, thereby improving the transparency of the detection and embodying "fairness and justice "the rules.

10. Road test entry function

For vehicles that cannot go online or have disputed test results, after the road test method is used, the braking distance, MFDD, coordination time, braking stability, road test inspector and other result information must be entered into the computer and stored in the database.

Through the understanding of the functions of the computer network detection system, we know that each station system is responsible for its own data collection, transmission, and aggregation, processing, control, and storage on the host computer. To achieve this, each station and the host computer must have independent computing and processing capabilities. Therefore, the place where our industrial computer is used is the various stations and main control computer, central server and other places as shown in the above figure.


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