TI launches LMX2581 industry's lowest phase noise frequency synthesizer

A few days ago, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the introduction of a broadband frequency synthesizer with the industry's lowest phase noise and an integrated voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). This product integrates an ultra-low noise phase-locked loop (PLL) and the industry's highest phase detector frequency, and its phase noise and spurious signal performance (spurious) are superior to similar competitors. LMX2581 can drive the highest system performance, and also has a wideband frequency synthesizer with an output frequency between 50 and 3760 MHz, bringing high flexibility. Designers can use this frequency synthesizer to meet a variety of demanding applications, including wireless infrastructure, radar, medical imaging, defense and aerospace, and measurement and testing. For more details or to request samples, please visit: www.TI.com/lmx2581-pr.

In addition, the LMX2581 can significantly improve overall link power efficiency and communication channel capacity when combined with the following TI high-speed analog signal chain devices: LMK04828 or LMK04800 clock jitter cleaner, ADS42JB69 dual-channel 16-bit 250MSPS modulus that supports the JESD204B serial interface Converter (ADC) or ADC16DV160 dual-channel 16-bit 160MSPS ADC, DAC34SH84 quad-channel 16-bit 1.5GSPS digital-to-analog converter (DAC), and TRF3705 300MHz to 4GHz quadrature modulator.

TI launches LMX2581 industry's lowest phase noise frequency synthesizer

The main features and advantages of LMX2581:

The industry's best phase noise improves RF sensitivity: 200 MHz phase detector frequency and -229 dBc / Hz ultra-low PLL standardized phase noise can provide a high-precision local oscillator for the RF front end and improve receiver sensitivity;

Multi-core VCO brings maximum flexibility: The integrated VCO enables the output frequency of the device to reach 50 MHz to 3760 MHz, and can support various applications without the need for traditional multiple VCO / PLL combinations. In addition, LMX2581 also gives designers more options to bypass the internal multi-core VCO through an external VCO;

Low fractional spurious signals (fracTIonal spurs) for high RF spectral purity:? ∑-type PLLaTInum ™ PLL engine with 200MHz phase detector frequency can improve spurious signal performance;

High integration reduces bill of materials (BOM) Cost: Ultra-low noise broadband frequency synthesizer highly integrated? ∑-type fractional N PLL, multi-core VCO supporting energy storage circuit, optional frequency divider, 2 supports 10 dBm per side Differential RF output buffer at the end, and several low-noise high-precision low-dropout regulators (LDO).

Tools and support

The LMX2581EVAL evaluation board is now available and can be purchased immediately. The synthesizer's supporting tools, the clock design tool and CodeLoader software, can provide engineers with product selection, loop filter design, and timing solution simulation assistance to accelerate the system design process. These two tools and other clock design software are provided at the WEBENCH® Design Center. The TI E2ETM community's clock and timer forum can provide technical support for engineers, and you can consult TI experts here.

Availability and packaging

The LMX2581 in a 32-pin, 5 mm x 5 mm QFN package is now available.

Learn more about the TI RF synthesizer product line through the following links:

Apply for samples and purchase evaluation boards :;

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View the block diagram of the remote radio unit system:;

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View the block diagram of the communication tester system:.

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