Thousand Yuan Wang? One time to meet your five wishes - Meizu charm blue Note5 mobile phone evaluation

Everyone knows, jellyfish meets everyone again.

As a kerosene, in the domestic mobile phone brand is still more like Meizu. It is also an honor to bring charm blue note5 mobile phone evaluation. In 2016, the number of concerts will be the most... No, it will be the most frequent conference. It must be Meizu, Meizu, with an average monthly concert rate, released dozens of smart phones in the past year, forming a Meizu and Charm Blue family bucket. Of course, Meizu also rely on these products so many consumers know and buy. Let us look at the same MediaTek today. Can we bring a different experience to us?

Formula Aunt Zhang.


Meizu thousand Yuan machine packaging box uses a similar small box design, the hand just had to prepare for the mother to buy the machine - the charm blue metal. However, the quality of the charm blue note5 box is better than a gimmick, probably because my gimmick is a telecom customized version.

As long as six hundred, qualified preparation machine - MEIZU Meizu charm blue metal out of the box ... Well, the jellyfish and everyone meet again. A few days ago, the mother of the adult Samsung can not be opened without warning, to repair the place, saying that the font is broken, and now the new three should not be bad font, right, the old three lost the machine is love the bad font . Mother... 53920 We catch jellyfish together

Six hundred pieces of Charm Blue Metal are overall good.

Look carefully at the packaging and found that this is actually a 32G version, I thought it was 16G, Meizu really wealthy.

The front face of the Meizu family is slightly altered. Of course, many Android machines are also the design language.

The first feeling on the back was that it didn't know where it was higher than metal. This is the charm blue I want and it feels like PRO series.


Meizu's fast charging large charge head, Qianyuan machine finally eat fast charge, charging head from Shenzhen Sercon.

The highest support 18W fast charge, of course, Meizu PRO series are 24W fast charge. The data line is MicroUSB, and Type-c is not used. Of course, MicroUSB is very normal.

Compared to the Charm Blue metal's charging head, it is a big circle.

Have to say that charm blue note5 feel really good, absolutely not lost Pro5, Pro6.

Tear film cool ...


Meizu's appearance Design, I still like it very much, I feel very refreshing, can not say how bright, but there is a kind of people feel very comfortable.

Nubia Z11 and Charm blue note5

Charm blue note5 and Charm blue metal

Both are not white (●—●)

Instead, the front panel of Charm Blue metal has a greater curvature.


Height 153.6mm, Width 75.8mm, Thickness 8.1mm

The thickness of 8.1mm is not thick or thin in your hand, it's just fine.

5.5 inch charm blue note5 one-handed holding effect.

The speaker at the rear has more features and becomes a long strip. Listen to it, nothing special.

Less rounded and more angular than metal.

Of course, feel needless to say, metal made metal feel plastic, note5 is a real good feeling.

The weight is also a lot heavier than metal, and feels nothing.


Processor and memory:

Helio P10 Processor ARM® Cortex®-A53TM 1.8GHz x4+ ARM Mali-T860 Graphics Processor 3GB LPDDR3 Memory

Charm blue note5 flash memory (memory) official propaganda uses EMMC5.1 storage particles. Use Androbench flash read and write: 4K read with: 20.63MB/s 4K with write: 6.32MB/s, speed can only reach EMMC5.0 results, there are many slower than EMMC5.0, of course, very There may be a CPU pot.

Geekbench 3 single-core run points 784 points, multi-core run points 3064 points.

Entertainment rabbits run around 47,411 points. The Helio P10 is still inferior to Qu Yuan Xiao Long 625.

3D mark:

In high-load operations, such as running points, games. Heat is not high.

The Helio P10 is fully capable of meeting the needs of daily use and is fast enough. In terms of games, there is no pressure on small and medium-sized games, such as the glory of the king, and the large-scale games are a bit difficult.

Experience: System:

Flyme's system didn't have to pick, like people like it. I personally really like the flyme UI and its simple OS.

Charm blue note5 pre-installed is based on Android 6.0 flyme5 system, and did not pre-install flyme6, I have not received the note5 upgrade flyme6 official version of the push, a little small regret. However, the yellow chapter microblogging said that the charm blue note5 surely can eat the flyme6, note5 the official version of the flyme6 is adapting to debugging.

Familiar flyme interface.


Frontal fingerprint unlocking is still cool. The unlocking speed and accuracy are also very good, and now the fingerprint unlocking of the mobile phone is very mature.

The mTouch 2.0 fingerprint recognition integrated on mBack also supports five groups of fingerprint entries.


The sound quality is quite satisfactory, and the built-in Meizu player music is not rich enough.


Photos of Charm blue note5 are more than just a boost from metal. The rear camera still uses 13 million pixels CMOS, using PDAF phase focus. However, the overall photo effect has greatly improved. No smearing, no color cast, taking pictures inside the thousand Yuan machine has been considered very good. Do not know why metal is not the same as CMOS or algorithm is not the same reason, with the note5 gap is still very large.

Charm blue note5 shooting proofs:

Especially the color temperature is also commendable, the overall picture can give a good evaluation.


5.5 inch 1080p screen GFF full lamination process 450cd/m2

Charm blue note5 is definitely a cold can not be cold screen.

Note5 and metal In the system default color temperature, the note5 screen is greenish and cold, while the metal screen is more comfortable.

Especially when displaying white. Charm blue note5 on the left and Charm blue metal on the right. Of course, this screen is different from person to person, looking at different people's preferences. However, the screen of note5 is still somewhat greenish.

Call & 4G:

Charm blue note5 adopts full Netcom standard and supports 6 mode 18 frequency. The slot also supports memory card expansion.

The call quality is excellent, and the call noise reduction is also good. There are telephone attributions in the contacts, service calls have dial-up reminders, and yellow pages have been used. Meizu friends should not be unfamiliar.


The 4000mAh battery used in the Charm blue note5 has provided sufficient protection for the battery life, plus the Helio P10's low-power long battery life.

Even if you are a serious mobile phone user, you can use it for your entire day. Of course, no electricity does not have to worry about, 18W fast charge, 0% charge to 100% only need less than 90 minutes fast charge speed. Charm blue note5 in the battery is still very peace of mind.

to sum up:

Charm blue note5 as a 899 yuan start thousand yuan machine. Metals, fingerprints, fast charging, large batteries, and sufficient storage are still very satisfying. The workmanship and quality have also been greatly improved. Coupled with the flyme's blessing, it is still very competitive in the thousands machine market. Of course, with the same price there are millet and other brands of thousands of machines using a slightly higher performance of Qualcomm CPU, where the choice depends on their preferences, and finally want to say Charm Blue note5 as 899 started the phone actually has such a good feel, Still very good.

Still want to Tucao Meizu's machine tactics and a configuration back and forth using a Design shell, and even the last shell is not changed, is simply the mobile phone community ah. Meizu has been a surprise to us for a long time. We hope Meizu can give us surprises in the new 2017 year and we hope Meizu will become better and better.


At the time of writing this article, Meizu and Qualcomm announced their cooperation. It is good news for kerosene and they will no longer be met every day by MediaTek.

In the end, see here not to walk away. Welcome everyone to pay attention to this jellyfish. The handsome and beautiful lady sisters are all paying attention to oh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy every day, all wishes come true. Welcome to reward and lose coins, favorites like comments, continue for one second.

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