Sony Dafa brand new black technology, millet was a second slag

In the first two days of the CES conference, Xiaomi released the first millet television flagship new product in 17 years, Xiaomi TV 4, the main slim ultra-thin borderless, plus Dolby panoramic sound technology and exquisite transparent crystal base, so that a public rice noodles Cheer for it.

At about the same time, the television industry's senior Sony released a big move, also released a new television, including A1E series OLED TVs, X93E, X94E for high-end consumer groups, to achieve 4K HDR revolutionary quality image upgrade X90E , X85E, X80E and W66E, W61E two full HD HDR TV series.

One of the most important is the new OLED TV. In contrast, the millet TV is left by the slag of the second ... ... itself is a flat speaker, the entire front of the TV is a screen, not even the LOGO, the back is equally clean and tidy , comes with a flat style subwoofer. The two pictures you feel under...

Can design to this point, but no one, distressed millet a minute ... ...

However, the new products of Sony and Xiaomi reflect the correct direction of the development of smart TV, that is, the screen and sound quality. In the era of smart TV, manufacturers are all referring to content as the king, but can not ignore the irony of the fact that even more, no matter how good the content must be built on good hardware, that is, the screen display and sound effects.

Sony integrated the screen and sound quality into one and showed the industrial design that was shocked by nature. Although the domestic millet and Kuaikai started late as latecomers, they are also constantly pursuing and innovating in sound quality.

In addition to Xiaomi, Cool open in 16 years also released the A2 fit new high-end TV with main sound quality, which will bring the sound quality of domestic smart TV to a new level.

(Cool open A2)

HiFi we all know is the meaning of high fidelity, it can release playback sound that is highly similar to the original sound. The A2 series of TV speakers was jointly developed by Coolopen and JBL, and also obtained JBL's A-level certification. Harman JBL has a strict internal rating system, and A-class TV speakers can be said to be the highest standard, with no more than 1%. Coolpad is the first time in the industry to use bass radiators on TVs, and all JBL original designs have been designed from hardware to sound cavity.

On the screen aspect, Kukai A2 has also been doing its utmost to adopt the industry's top LG 4K display, while supporting HDR, MEMC dynamic compensation technology, so that the color performance, the picture clarity is a higher level. In 16 years, it was recognized as the most balanced domestic product.

By contrast, we can't deny that there is still a big gap between us and the international technology giants, but this gap is continuously narrowed by the joint efforts of domestic companies. How is the future going to be unknown?

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