T215 2-16-digit synchronization can be preset application circuit diagram of the reversible counter

T215 is a 2-16-synchronous pre-settable reversible counter . It can simultaneously perform addition counting and subtraction counting. Its main electrical parameters are: power supply current ICC is less than 100MA, counting operating frequency is about 10MHZ, and average transmission delay time is about 60NS. The external lead arrangement and function of the T215 pin are shown in the figure. The truth table of the T215 is shown in Table 9.17A, B, and its function is shown in Table 18.

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From the Truth Table and Function Table of the T215, the T215 has the following four functions:

The counting pulse is added from CP+, and it can be added and counted under the rising edge of the counting pulse.

T215 2-16 Sync Synchronous Preset Counter Application Circuit

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