LED lighting technology 8 major future development trend

With the continuous improvement of LED technology, related LED application products have also received more and more attention. Among them, LED lamps for lighting is an important one. The following describes the future development trend of LED lighting technology:

1. Abandoning the current LED lamps is only the design method of traditional lamps and LED lighting modules. It is necessary to fully consider the optical characteristics of LEDs and develop LED-specific lamps.

2, the design of the power supply and control circuit, the power supply should change the commonly used application of capacitor buck and impedance divider, design a reasonable small current constant current source circuit, use the clock cycle modulation method in the drive current, improve The stability of LED lamps, while further improving the efficiency of the power supply.

3. In the design of control circuit circuit, it is necessary to develop into three aspects: centralized control, standard modularization and system scalability.

4. In the current situation of limited LED light efficiency and luminous flux, fully exploit the characteristics of LED color diversity, and develop control circuits for color-changing LED lighting .

5, to take advantage of LED, develop LED lighting and photovoltaic system combined lighting system.

6. Develop an integrated flat light source system suitable for indoor lighting. The development trend is that LED lighting fixtures are integrated with the building.

7. Develop LED lighting simulation system to speed up product development.

8. Develop solar energy and high-brightness LED integration technology to solve the matching and control technology between solar cell system and LED lighting system.

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