Analysis of the causes of trust crisis in the export of LED lamps

The lack of standards and industrial opportunity investment are important reasons

On September 29th, the pedestrian crossing of Guangzhou Haiyin Bridge installed hundreds of LED floodlights overnight, and the berm tree along the Dashatou Road near Haiyinqiao North also hangs in a dense manner. The led decorative light bar. However, while the Guangzhou Asian Games Lighting Project has injected new vitality into the domestic LED industry, a market trust crisis caused by the quality of LED lighting products has quietly spread in domestic and overseas markets.

Market risk! Retail investors should leave as soon as possible? Which stocks are worth buying in full? Some stocks are likely to rise by 50%! Institutional funds have changed greatly recently. The figures released by Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau show that Shenzhen was Among the export lamps notified and recalled by the European Union, LED lamps accounted for 40%. At the beginning of the year, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and RockbnlerCompaniesbn jointly announced a voluntary recall of Chinese-made LED lamps.

"Because of product quality problems, China's LED lighting products have suffered 9 recalls in the European and American markets this year." Li Meng, deputy director of the Institute of Technical Trade Measures of the Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology, said yesterday that frequent recalls not only affected the recall. The current revenue of Chinese LED lighting manufacturers will also affect future orders. "Overseas markets may pose a crisis of confidence in Chinese-made LED lamps in the short term, but in the long run, they will not shake the status of China's global LED lighting product manufacturing center."

Market trust crisis

“Shenzhen LED lighting enterprises 80%~90% of their revenue comes from overseas markets.” Wang Dianzhen, president of Shenzhen LED Industry Association, told this newspaper yesterday that he is still learning about the specific situation from LED companies, but from the preliminary situation, The lack of LED luminaire standards is one of the reasons why LED lighting products are frequently recalled.

Li Meng also pointed out that although the relevant state departments have introduced six technical standards for LED lighting, they are not product standards. If you want to improve the overall quality of domestic LED lighting products, you should introduce more specific LED lighting product standards as soon as possible.

Everything is imminent.

On January 12, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and RockbnlerCompaniesbn jointly announced a voluntary recall of Chinese-made LED lamps. The recall amount is about 2,200 sets. The reason for the recall is that there is a defect in the internal power cord of the lamp, which may cause the battery case to overheat and explode, posing a fire or burn hazard to the user.

The newspaper has inquired about the WTO/TBT warning information platform in Guangdong Province. Since March, the European Commission's non-food warning system has been notified to many countries such as Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Many brands, such as "EcoLightNordic", "Mercury" and "Sunseon", issued consumer warnings, and the authorities in these countries also ordered a ban on the sale and recall of LED lighting from the above brands. The main reason for the ban and recall is that the above-mentioned brand products do not comply with the EU's low-voltage indicators and European standards. Product design and product quality have the potential to cause electric shock and fire.

In fact, before the LED lighting products manufactured in China appeared in the crisis of trust overseas, the domestic street lamp industry broke out the trust crisis of LED street lamp quality at the end of last year.

"Because the LED street lamp technology is not mature, the heat of the ten-city project is no longer hot." Gao Xiao LED CEO Zhang Xiaofei said that the results of last year's tests showed that many parameters of LED street lamps did not meet the standards, resulting in the actual installation of LED street lamps in China last year. Less than 200,000 miles.

"Although there are thousands of LED streetlight products in China, they have not effectively overcome the technical bottlenecks such as heat dissipation, light distribution, electronic driving, and glare." Liu Lei, chief engineer of Nanjing Street Light Management Office, said unceremoniously at an LED lighting forum. Since August 2008, Nanjing has installed six different LED lamps for testing on the Taishan Road on the side of the Vanke City in Hexi. The results show that not only the performance of the lamps varies greatly, but also the same lamp has different performances at different times. .

"The power of these 6 lamps ranges from 120W to 168W. Some lamps with a power of 168W are not as bright as 120W. What is even more strange is that after a period of time, the brightness of the two devices rises, the brightness of the four devices decreases, and the length of life is also "Liu Leishi pointed out that there is no uniform standard for the production of LED street lamps. There is no way to maintain the street lamps. The products that the manufacturers provide for the test of street lamps are very fast, and some are eliminated in a few months. The original test product.

Product of opportunity investment

However, after many investigations by the newspaper, it was found that the market trust crisis of domestic LED street lamps and LED lighting products exported to overseas markets is actually a product of opportunity investment under the LED industry bubble.

“In 2008, due to the ten-city project, a large number of electronic companies with no experience in streetlight production began to flood into the LED streetlight industry.” Zhang Xiaofei said that since the end of last year, three-quarters of domestic LED streetlight manufacturers began to withdraw. Most of the exits are those that have no previous experience in streetlight production. However, the problem is that although these manufacturers have withdrawn from the production of LED street lamps, they have turned to the LED commercial lighting industry. Today, they also suffer from the product recall of “Waterloo” because of the lack of understanding of the overseas lighting market.

Chen Bin, general manager of Guangdong Middle East, a leading LED lighting company in China, also said that most of the LED lighting manufacturers that are actively exporting to overseas markets do not have the background of traditional lighting manufacturers. Most of them are half-way cottage factories. This is why Shenzhen manufacturers. The reason why the products are frequently recalled.

"Our products have not yet been exported." A senior LED lighting manufacturer in Guangzhou told this newspaper that the company's LED lighting products are passing ETC certification, and it is estimated that it will pass in early October, when its LED lighting products will be available in the US supermarket. The mall is on the shelves.

The senior executive revealed that the frequent recalls in the first half of this year were mainly due to the fact that some manufacturers' LED lighting products only passed the European CE certification, and they rushed to sell their products to Europe. "In fact, CE certification is only a level of 'primary school' in the industry. There is no way to explain that the quality of the product is completely through."

The above-mentioned high-level officials also revealed that a LED lighting manufacturer in Guangzhou has frequently encountered overseas market returns, and the reason for the return is that after three months, the light efficiency has become 30% of the original, “the whole cabinet is pulled back to the factory. The root cause is LED lighting companies make products with only corporate standards and lack of industry standards."

Despite this, the status of China's global LED lighting product manufacturing center is still difficult to shake.

Chen Bin pointed out that the supply chain of LED lighting products is the most complete in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Only in China, LED lighting products will have the best price/performance ratio in the market, and the so-called market trust crisis is also phased. This will promote the reshuffle of the LED lighting market.

“The era of LED lighting is coming soon.” Lin Kejun, general manager of Sanan Optoelectronics (600703.SH), said that the company is preparing to launch LED lighting products of Sanan brand and actively communicate with channel providers. At the same time, the company is also preparing to OEM. Ways to open up the overseas LED lighting market, and hope to obtain the overseas market pass as soon as possible through the relevant certification of the US Energy Star.

The reason why Lin Kezhen is anxious is because the EU has implemented the second phase of traditional light bulb phase-out measures since September 1st, prohibiting the sale of 75-watt incandescent bulbs in the EU. In the first half of this year, the sales volume of LED bulbs in Japan accounted for 50% of the total sales volume of bulbs, which gave the entire LED industry and investors a lot of imagination.

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