Solid-state lighting popular red high-power LED into the main force

Since high-power LEDs are about to become the mainstay of next-generation solid-state lighting (SSL), the electronics industry is also emerging with bolder new thinking. That is to say, to abandon the crowded RF bandwidth and use the LED switching method that is fast enough to be recognized by the human eye to transmit data. This method is called LED visible light communication (VLC). Through advanced technical support, each new LED luminaire can access the backbone network in a wired manner, enabling ubiquitous wireless communication between different devices without increasing the burden of existing RF bandwidth.

This kind of LED visible light communication transmission technology mostly uses white LEDs, because white LEDs are characterized by rapid response and can be used as the basis of visible light communication technology. LED visible light transmission technology uses indoor lighting equipment such as fluorescent lamps or white LEDs to emit high-speed light and dark flashing signals that are invisible to the naked eye to transmit data wirelessly. Visible light is used because of its wide wavelength range, which allows transmission of visible light signals through different wavelengths. R & D personnel will also test different wavelengths of light, and use the different colors that make up white light to develop the content of multiple data streams.

The advantage of LED visible light communication technology is that it can avoid the electromagnetic wave transmitted by general WLAN or high frequency wireless, affecting the human body and surrounding electronic equipment, and can replace the wireless base station, and has the characteristics of high security. At present, many industries, standards organizations, or government-funded programs have begun to develop LED visible light communication, and its prospects are very promising. After all, only the traditional lighting market has reached a multi-million dollar scale, and the future transition to the solid-state lighting market has a very good business opportunity. StrategiesUnlimited predicts that the LED lighting market will exceed $1 billion this year and is expected to grow to $7.3 billion by 2014.

Children or Kids Headphones are specially designed for children over 3 years old. The biggest difference from ordinary headphones is hearing protection. The maximum decibel value is limited to 85dB.


1. Protect children's hearing, 85dB maximum volume. 

2. Strange style, including a variety of cartoon design. 

3. The color is bright and cool, and it is very popular among children. 

4. Comfortable to wear.

Kids Headphone Earphone

Kids Headphone Earphones

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