Survival After Financing Tests VR Enterprise Market or Takes the Lead

Recently, Google's Daydream View was born and Microsoft's VR helmet appeared. The VR situation seems to be very good, but most VR companies are facing the test of survival after financing. Greenlight Insigh and Road to VR collaborated to survey 514 VR professionals in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for their earnings forecasts. The survey report shows that more than half of the respondents have no confidence in the revenue in the next 12 months.

The emergence of VR ecology

With the advent of technology giants such as Facebook, Google, Valve, Sony, and Microsoft, the VR ecologic prototypes of host-side and mobile-side VR begin to appear.

Last year, PS VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift announced the release of consumer versions of VR helmets this year. This has attracted close attention from domestic and international VR circles. Any signs of trouble in the first half of this year will cause domestic VR circles to become enthusiastic. discuss.

At the time, Gear VR was still outshining in mobile VR, but Google’s Daydream plan broke this situation because Google optimized hardware and software for VR, and will use Android's ecological influence to accelerate handset makers to launch Gear VR-like products. In the second half of this year, after the launch of Google Daydream View, the domestic mobile phone makers have followed suit.

At this point, Microsoft also took the initiative to launch a low-key launch of VR helmets, making the VR circle an uproar, because Microsoft has transformed from the Oculus partner to the leader, will be combined with Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer five major PC manufacturers to build the host side VR ecology.

The PS VR has its own ecology based on the PS ecology. The HTC vive stands behind Valve. Valve has bound the global hardcore game player with the Steam platform. Wang Yan, founder of Precision Capital, said in an interview with a reporter from China Electronics News that Valve will split off the VR high-end entertainment consumer market, especially the game market. If the VR version of "Half Life 3" is released, it may be that global hardcore players will be crazy to buy VR heads-up display.

After Facebook acquired Oculus, it took the host-side VR, but its focus is still moving VR. Facebook just started to launch Oculus Rift, and later launched the Gear VR in cooperation with Samsung. The recent emergence of the VR integrated machine has made the mobilization trend more and more obvious. Wang Hao pointed out that VR social networking is the spark that sparked the alliance between Facebook and Oculus, and that Facebook is going to be the most widely socialized and mobile VR must be its direction.

Therefore, Facebook and Google will compete and cooperate in the mobile VR, and Microsoft, PS VR, Valve will be self-contained in the host-side VR. At this point, the ecological leader of the host-side VR and the mobile-side VR is emerging.

VR capital winter hit

However, the virtual reality industry is in its infancy, hardware is becoming popular, software and content are being updated, and the complete ecosystem has not been formed. In the past two to three years, VR software and hardware companies have found it difficult to profit through the C-side market. And since the May CSRC stopped the listed companies from entering the VR industry by increasing the number of acquisitions or raising funds, the investment boom in the capital circle for VR startups has started to cool down. The voice of VR winter has been heard.

Among them, the layoffs of the Storm Mirror became a landmark event in the VR circle. The Storm Mirror last year boosted storm technology in the stock market, making the Storm Mirror famous. Now the storm mirror is cold, and layoffs begin. The CEO of the storm mirror Huang Xiaojie said that the current capital environment is rather harsh, and they have a lot of pressure to operate a team with more than 500 people, so they did some spin-offs and layoffs.

In an interview with a reporter from China Electronics News, Kelly Zhang’s equipment director Zhang Weijian stated that HTC Vive and PS VR are bundled with previous game platforms, one bundled with Steam platform, one bundled with PS platform, and sold VR devices as game devices. The lack of such a platform in China makes it hard for buyers to pay for hardware alone. And now that so many large manufacturers are inducted into VR helmets, VR helmet projects are not subject to capital recognition, and Corel Technology expects A-round financing to be unsatisfactory, and is considering transitioning content vendors. With the understanding of hardware, software has some advantages.

In fact, not only Corel Technology, but also other domestic hardware manufacturers are also in transition, because mobile VR is the advantage of mobile phone manufacturers, host-side VR has also been held by eco-type companies, VR helmet startups are pushed to the edge. It is understood that most of the domestic VR helmet companies have been in the money-burning stage, and one of them is doing a VR training project for the VR helmet company, because they think that the VR training project will be faster.

What's more, there are still some VR companies that have arrears of wages. Previously, Wang Chuan Wang, a partner of Shengjing Wanglian, had maliciously owed employees wages and reimbursement expenses totaling more than 2 million yuan. The photos revealed were suspected to have employees protesting banners at the entrance of the Grand View Innovation Center. Similarly, Mido Entertainment, which is reputed as the benchmark of Entertainment VR, has reported negative news about wage arrears.

In fact, last year's VR investment overheated, an investor revealed that even some non-competitive teams are also financing, and now more capital calm, because capital is a reality, and now VR is difficult to realize in the short term, so VR Investment has entered a quiet period.

Nuggets in the 2B or 2G market

Although the capital is temporarily deserted, the prospect of virtual reality is more clear. Companies that can take the VR ecology have already entered the market. This wave of capital quiet period has allowed the virtual reality industry to enter the normal track, eliminating a small number of companies that have scrambled concepts and at the same time allowing some pragmatic entrepreneurs to come to the fore.

Rui Yue, CEO of Ruiyue Information, revealed that the core of Ruiyue Information is the VR system, software, and engine. Almost all of its employees have invested in R&D, do a good job in reference design, and provided solutions to downstream VR manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers. It is estimated that there will be tens of millions of dollars of revenue this year. It is understood that VR, a music player and VR real estate company conductor that provides experience shop solutions, also has corresponding revenue. With the 2C market not yet rising, some VR companies in 2B or 2G have earned the first pot of gold.

Han Bing, founder of Snow Carbon VR, believes that B2C is the key to hardcore gamers before VR has completed the iterative path of iPhone 3Gs. Therefore, B2B is currently the key. The VR+ industry is dominated by the state. The entrepreneurial team should pay attention to the VR+ scenario. In particular, it must combine mature brands to reduce their site, manpower, and marketing costs through VR technology. For example, in a gym, a VR peripheral hardware like a ski machine can be used, and users can experience VR contents with a VR peripheral. Tsinghua University’s director of virtual reality researcher Wen Yilei said that in the 2B industry, the medical industry is the richest industry. Although they don’t invest much in the medical industry, they have investments in surgery and pharmaceutical processes. Revenue. Moreover, VR has its application prospects in education, training, real estate, tourism, industry and other fields.

Chinachem's CTO Guo Zhenping pointed out that they are cooperating with the Fujian Provincial Government to set up digital Fujian and VR Industrial Parks. By then, Fujian Province will launch a combination of VR and ten areas. Developers can apply for funds and projects. In fact, governments such as Fujian, Nanchang, Changsha, and Qingdao are particularly enthusiastic about the VR industry. They will launch corresponding projects next year. VR entrepreneurs can apply for government projects to obtain revenue.

Not only 2B and 2G, but also a few companies in the 2C market have profited. It is understood that on the Steam platform, there have been VR game team revenues of more than tens of millions of yuan, but the quality of these VR games are outstanding. Dahe Yuyou CEO Zhu Haiyan said in an interview with a reporter from China Electronics News that there was no doubt about the outbreak of VR content. If the content startup company can use curves to save the country quickly, it can do some 2B projects. However, they are currently more aggressive and mainly target the global 2C market because VR games will eventually have to face 2C players. If we go to 2C market to do 2C market now, it will be a curve to save the country. If we can bypass the 2B link by integrating resources, we will directly 2C, you can accumulate the experience of the 2C market earlier, but have the advantage of first-mover.

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