December 9 Kodak launched the first camera phone

[IT168 News] With the popularity of smart phones, the integration of mobile phones has reached the highest level ever. People's demand for mobile phones has evolved from the original call and texting to stronger performance, longer battery life, and better picture taking. Mobile phone manufacturers are also trying their best to meet people's needs and produce satisfactory products. However, from the current situation, Kodak, who had already started selling cameras and films, has already launched the first smart phone based on the Android system and has the appearance of a card camera. It was officially opened on December 9.

Imagine if your phone looks like a card camera. Does it feel cool? Kodak introduced the phone (Kodak Ektr) equipped with a 21 million-pixel Sony IMX230 sensor (F/2.0 aperture, support optical image stabilization and phase focus) and a 13 million-pixel front camera, camera designed at the bottom of the fuselage The handle, the camera button on the side, the overall design is like a mobile phone on top of the camera on the statue of the camera on the top of the phone, then press a few adjustment buttons.

However, this is always a mobile phone with a main camera, so it is naturally not its strength in performance. Kodak Ektr uses a 5-inch 1080P display, equipped with MediaTek Helio X20 X-core processor, supplemented by 3GB of memory and 32GB of body storage, built-in 3000mAh battery, support for Pump Express fast charging, running Android 6.0 system, camera support OIS optical image stabilization , phase focus and other functions. This configuration to get a domestic mobile phone which is basically only a thousand dollars level. But after all, it is foreign goods, other companies are to be profitable, the price is naturally low.

Kodak Ektra will be open for purchase on December 9, local time in Germany. The price is 499 Euros (approximately RMB 3,628). The phone will be placed on major overseas e-commerce platforms and will soon be sold throughout the European market. However, domestic users do not have to think about it. Kodak has no intention to enter the domestic market. Of course, with its price, there is basically no market in the country.

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