Microsoft predicts which jobs will disappear in the 2027 search box.

Yesterday, Susan Dumais, deputy dean of the Microsoft Headquarters Research Institute, said that next year, deep learning will drive improvements in online search results; by 2027, the search box will no longer exist and search methods will become " Everywhere, embedded in life, can be sensitive to the context of knowledge." The communication between people and machines is becoming as simple as communication between humans.

The search box frames the scope of the information. Before Google Now, Siri, Cortana and Amazon Echo developed, the search was mainly done by entering keywords. Because people have different ability to access information, and the learning curve itself is quite steep, the information gap between people will continue to expand. Nowadays, people can input a whole sentence through text or voice to get the desired information. The machine can understand the semantics through the whole sentence and return more accurate search results. In the past, the steps of summarizing and refining information points in the logic of human thinking are being replaced by machines, and the difference in information acquisition caused by the difference in search ability will gradually decrease. But these are just the beginnings. A former Amazon AI engineer believes that "there will be no more searches in the future, and the device is your portable butler."

These occupations may be replaced, or will be transformed, may no longer need shopping guides and customer service every time you enter the physical store, will be surrounded by enthusiastic shopping guide; on a treasure buy, just want to enter what keywords to find their ideal goods have been Think of a headache. This may be the dilemma that many people encounter when shopping. If you can solve the problem of fit or not when you buy online, it is a good thing for buyers and businesses. Online shopping site Amazon has been trying to use artificial intelligence to directly recommend users when selling footwear and women's underwear for the past two years. Amazon launched the first version of the service in August last year, allowing users to enter the shoes and sizes they bought before. After obtaining the relevant information, Amazon can find the inside of the scanned shoes in the database. 3D models and real sizes are recommended for comparison. In the future, e-commerce can save a suitable foot model for users through the user's existing purchase records and evaluations, so as to automatically match and recommend products directly to users.

The algorithm is directly recommended, and will gradually replace manual recommendation and search for goods, becoming a new way of shopping. The SEO industry will eventually return to the essence of SEO engineers through the understanding of the rules of the search engine, modify the code and structure of the website, improve the ranking of the website without paying, so that it can be more accessible to users. Today, the SEO industry has become the hardest hit by spam and fake links. The reason is that the current search keyword extraction method is relatively fixed, and SEO companies can use some means and methods that are not recognized by search engines to improve ranking. How search engines improve keyword relevance, they deceive search engine crawlers and algorithms according to the logic of the engine. In the past, Google's ranking algorithm has seen a large number of analysts every time it is adjusted. Some SEO industry data scientists and CTOs of well-known companies claim that they have their own response to the monthly large-scale upgrade of the Google search engine database. They will analyze the ranking data events of the past few months, observe which types of websites the new ranking rules are biased toward, and conclude that Google's latest ranking algorithm is designed for this type of website. Now, Google's search engine rankings are gradually changing from artificial algorithms to hybrid algorithms for deep learning of neural networks. In the future, when deep learning is applied to smart extraction keywords, the search results will be more pure and accurate, and spam websites will no longer be able to improve their search ranking by purchasing keywords.

AI is a big cake Microsoft CEO Nadella said, "AI will become like the Internet, will enter every device... Every product we design, the way users interact with the environment, will put the smart The most important position." "AI is not just the cherry on the cake, but the whole cake," Nadella said. For this big cake, you are not only interested in Microsoft, but in the end who can get the top spot, we will wait and see.

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