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Title: Security System Equipment (including LED Display) Procurement and Installation Project Request for Comments Tender No.: Announcement Date: March 11, 2009 Deadline: March 13, 2009 Tendering Agency: Sanmen County People's Procuratorate Province: Zhejiang-Taizhou Content: Taizhou Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Sanmen County Government Procurement Management Department, and was recently commissioned by Sanmen County People's Procuratorate for security procurement and installation of Sanmen County People's Procuratorate. Conduct a public tender. The relevant requirements of the bidder's qualification requirements, technical parameters, services, and scoring standards provided by the purchasing unit are published as follows, and the suppliers and experts are publicly solicited.
First, the scope of the request for comments:
1. Whether there is obvious tendency to opinion and discriminatory;
2. Other circumstances affecting the principle of “openness, fairness and justice” in government procurement;
3. Whether the technical parameters, service requirements, constraints, and scoring standards are reasonable.
Second, the reply to the comments:
If the suppliers and experts propose amendments and suggestions, please seal the written materials to the Taizhou Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. before 16:00 on March 13, 2009 (except holidays), and send the electronic documents of the written materials to mailbox. The purchasing unit's opinions and proposals for late delivery will not be accepted.
Third, qualified amendments and proposals:
1. If the supplier proposes to amend the opinions and suggestions, the written materials shall be affixed with the official seal of the unit and signed and confirmed by the legal representative. If the authorized agent signs it, it must issue a legal representative authorization letter and contact number for the project.
2. If the experts propose to amend the opinions and suggestions, they must produce a copy of the professional certificate and contact number of the relevant project.
3. The opinions and suggestions of the various suppliers and experts must be true and accompanied by relevant evidence. If any false material is found or maliciously disrupts the normal order of government procurement, it will be submitted to the relevant government procurement management organization for inclusion. Bad behavior record.
Sanmen County People's Procuratorate Security System Equipment Procurement and Installation Project Request for Comments I. Bidding method:
1. Adopt public bidding method;
2. The bidding is based on the comprehensive scoring method;
(1) Business part (50 points)
1. The effective bidding price of this project is limited to three days before the bid opening in the three-door bidding center network.
2. The business score value is calculated as 50 points for the business target. (In the calculation process, the decimal point is taken after the decimal point, and the third digit is rounded off. If the percentage is exceeded, the decimal point before the percent sign is taken as the second digit, the third digit. rounding). The bid evaluation committee will conduct a review according to the bidder's business standard. The business points are calculated by the low price priority method, that is, the bid price that meets the requirements of the bidding documents and the lowest bid price is the benchmark price for bid evaluation, and the price points of other bidders are calculated according to the following formula:
Business target score = (evaluation benchmark price / bid price) × 50% × 100
(2) The technical part (40 points) mainly includes the rationality of the bidding proposal, whether the equipment is selected to meet the requirements of the bidding documents, and the realization of the project functions. The main points of the review are:
1) Technical indicators (20 points)
1 The degree of matching between the bidding plan and the demand, the scientific, complete and reasonable nature of the program; 0-2 points 2 camera provides performance indicators: whether it meets or exceeds the requirements of the bidding documents; 2-4 points 3 DVR performance indicators: Whether it meets or exceeds the requirements of the bidding documents; 1-2 points and 4 video matrix performance indicators: whether it meets or exceeds the requirements of the bidding documents; 1-2 points 5 3D main control keyboard performance indicators: whether it meets or exceeds the bidding documents Requirements: 1-2 points and 6 color monitor performance indicators: whether it meets or exceeds the requirements of the bidding documents; 1-2 points and 7 other bidding products (camera, DVR, video matrix, 3D master keyboard, color monitor) Except for performance indicators: whether it meets or exceeds the requirements of the bidding documents; 1-3 points and 8 brands of brand awareness; 0-3 points of performance indicators with negative deviations are treated according to invalid standards.
2) Project implementation plan (10 points)
1 Whether it has a sound quality management system, whether there are clear quality objectives, and technical measures to ensure the achievement of quality objectives; 1-2 points 2 Complete equipment integration, system installation, commissioning, acceptance according to the bidding documents and purchaser requirements to ensure on-time delivery Technical measures for normal operation; 1-3 points and 3 main technical personnel of the project, qualifications and technical level of the project leader; 1-2 points and 4 overall implementation time; 1-3 points
3) After-sales service and training (10 points)
1 Includes the feasibility, completeness and guarantee measures for the implementation of the service commitment; 1-2 points and 2 bidders' after-sales service response time and on-site service, 3 years of door-to-door free maintenance, 4 points, 5 years of door-free Guaranteed 6 points;
4-6 points 3 Whether there is an after-sales service point in the city gate of Sanmen County. 0-2 points
(3) Credit part (10 points)
1 Successful case of bidding for similar projects; 0-2 points 2 bidders with a registered capital of ≥ 5 million yuan, 1 point, bidders registered capital ≥ 10 million yuan get 2 points; 1-2 points 3 bidders' security credit rating ( The security credit rating is 1 point, the security credit rating is 2 points); 1-2 points and 4 bidding products have ISO9000 series quality management system certification; 0-1 points 5 bidding products have ISO14000 series environmental management system Certification certificate; 0-1 minute 6 camera, DVR, video matrix, 3D master keyboard, color monitor product sales license. 0-2 points 2, bid supplier qualification requirements:
1. Compliance with the conditions stipulated in Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China;
2. An agent with independent legal personality, registered capital of 1 million yuan or more, strong technical strength and after-sales service capability and good reputation;
3, credit rating requirements: Zhejiang security technology prevention industry credit rating of three or more.
4. There are fixed after-sales service outlets within 200 kilometers from Sanmen County, which can provide users with long-term services.
Those who meet the above qualifications can participate in the bidding.
Third, technical parameters procurement project equipment demand table serial number equipment name recommended brand unit quantity performance indicators (the following performance indicators do not accept negative deviation)
1 Hemisphere camera Samsung, Haikang, Tiandi Weiye set 25 1/3SONY Super HAD CCD; minimum illumination color 0.3Lux @ F1.2; horizontal resolution 480 TVL; DC12V; according to the actual environment (2.8mm, 3.5mm, 6mm , 8mm, 12mm, 16mm) lens
2 gun color camera (color to black) Samsung, Haikang, Tiandi Weiye set 1 1/3SONY Super HAD CCD; minimum illumination color 0.3Lux @ F1.2; horizontal resolution 480 TVL; DC12V (including power supply, with 30 meters Infrared shield, bracket for pole, and 3.5-8mm auto iris lens with Kang standard)
3 gun color camera (color to black) Samsung, Haikang, Tiandi Weiye set 1 1/3SONY EXView HAD CCD; minimum illumination color 0.3Lux @ F1.2, black and white 0.01lux@ F1.2; horizontal resolution color 540 TVL , black and white 600TVL; synchronous mode: internal synchronization / power synchronization; day and night conversion mode: ICR infrared filter type; adjustable function menu; AC24V / DC12V (including power supply, with 30 meters infrared shield, with bracket support, with Kang Biaoda 5-50mm automatic aperture lens)
4 high-speed ball machine Samsung, Haikang, Tiandi Weiye set 3 18 times color day and night high speed ball (SONY movement); 1/4SONY EXVIEW HAD CCD, 440,000 effective image number; horizontal resolution 480 TVL; horizontal direction 0.3 ~ 300 degrees / s, vertical direction 0.5 ~ 60 degrees / s; color minimum illumination 0.7LUX, black and white minimum illumination 0.01LUX; P66 protection level, lightning protection, anti-surge and anti-surge protection; 6-inch outdoor dome. (including power supply, bracket for pole)
5 Outdoor monitoring pole custom root 3 height 3.5 meters, including base foundation, pole top with lights, 2 hanging 1 gun and 1 ball machine, 1 hanging 1 ball machine
6 video line Yongcheng, Huacheng, Yuxun meters 2000 SYV75-5 (120P) GB
7 power line Yongcheng, Huacheng, Yuxun meters 2000 RVV2*1.0 GB
8 power cord (for overhead light) Yongcheng, Huacheng, Yuxun meter 500 RVV3*1.5 GB
9 control line Yongcheng, Huacheng, Yuxun meters 500 RVVP2*1.0 national standard
10 DVR Samsung, Haikang, Tiandi Weiyetai 2 16 channels of video input, playback up to 4CIF resolution encoding, VGA display, support for main / auxiliary port display dual output, dual playback, support dual stream, support SATA hard drive , ESATA port supports high-speed backup, each set contains 6 Seagate (ST3500320SV) 500G DVR dedicated hard disk
11 video array AB, AD, Infineon set 1 64 video input, 12 video output, based on modular microprocessor and dense matrix structure, a single CPU system can switch 64 video input, 16 video output, Through the networked system, 512 channels of video input can be switched, 64 channels of video output can be connected, video input can be looped through the video ring panel, dual CPU "thermal switch" can be supported, the video recorder can be controlled, and the pan/tilt and fastball can be controlled at constant speed and speed. All setup menu programming, multiple expandable RS-232 ports, and RS-485 ports. (including 3 x 16 channels, one input and two output video splitters)
12 3D main control keyboard AB, AD, Infinon only 1 can call all cameras, programming monitor switching queue and control decoder, and can control the recorder, with operation protection.
13 Power Hongtai (JK1203) only 2
14 computer room monitor wall custom set 1 iron spray 2400*2700, panel thickness ≥1.5mm, other parts ≥1.2mm
15 console (two stations) custom set 1 iron spray, panel thickness ≥ 1.5mm, other parts ≥ 1.2mm
16 21 flat color monitor Samsung, Skyworth, TCL 8 21 flat color monitor, PAL/NTSC video system, 1250 TV line, 75Hz high definition progressive scan, line frequency up to 38KHz, 2 channels of video input / output, 1 channel S terminal input/output, 1 channel Y/Cr/Cb component input, 1 channel VGA input (supports 1024×768/60Hz mode), metal case
17 42 LCD TV Samsung, Skyworth, Hisense Desk 1 Screen ratio: 16:9, resolution higher than 1920*1080, CCFL cold cathode fluorescent tube
18 LED display cover 1 0.72 square or so, ¢ 5 single red, Taiwan Guanglei light-emitting die, pixel density ≥ 17200 points / ┫, 1 / 16 scanning mode, refresh rate is greater than 120 frames / sec, screen brightness 600cd / ┫ , synchronous or asynchronous display
19 computer room electrostatic floor square 17 all steel anti-static floor, 600 × 600 × 35 mm
20 computer Lenovo Qitian M4300 Taiwan 2 Core 2 Duo E7300, 945GC, 2G memory, 160G hard drive, integrated graphics, 17LCD, DVD, mouse and keyboard
21 Installation and installation according to the drawings provided by the purchaser. The cost is provided by the bidder in consideration of the above products. The three-year door-free maintenance service promise is provided, and the spare parts camera, DVR, video matrix, and 3D main control keyboard are provided. Color monitor provides original manufacturer authorization

Note: At the same time, other products that can meet the technical performance of this project and the equivalent brand are welcome to participate in the bidding. Company Name: Taizhou Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. Contact: Wang Shanshan Tel: 0576-83332359 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address:

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