Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting products are included in the scope of Tianjin's fixed procurement

The Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission have jointly issued a document to subsidize 30% of the supply price of the large-scale users for the purchase of large-scale users. The central government finances each high-efficiency lighting product. 50% of the price of the goods is subsidized, and 150 million high-efficiency lighting products are promoted through financial subsidies.

Small energy-saving lamps began to rush into the government procurement big pay. Not long ago, the Tianjin Government Procurement Center purchased more than 10,000 energy-saving lighting products for more than 10 budget units including the Municipal Statistics Bureau, Yaohua Middle School, and New Technology Industrial Park. The purchase amount reached 100,000 yuan. The Municipal Purchasing Office said that in the future, government procurement of energy-saving lighting products will increase year by year, which is bound to become an important channel to drive the optimization and upgrading of lighting products and stimulate market consumption.

It is understood that since last year, the city began to organize bidding for fixed-point procurement suppliers of energy-saving lighting products. The municipal government procurement center has identified seven fixed-point suppliers of energy-saving lighting products nationwide through qualification examination. In order to ensure the implementation of fixed-point procurement of energy-saving lighting products, the Municipal Government Procurement Office issued the “Notice on Tianjin's Matters Concerning Fixed-Point Procurement of Energy-Saving Lighting Products”, requiring all municipal-level budget units and financial departments of all districts and counties to follow the prescribed product catalogue. We will do a good job in purchasing energy-saving lighting products from fixed-point product suppliers, and promptly correct the violation of regulations to purchase non-energy-saving lighting products, and promote the development of energy-saving and environmental protection work for budget units and departments.

According to reports, the state has issued a "big insurance policy" to encourage energy-saving lighting products. First, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission have jointly issued a document to purchase 30 high-efficiency lighting products for large users. % subsidy; for each high-efficiency lighting product of urban and rural residents, the central government subsidizes 50% of the supply price of the bid-winning agreement, and promotes the use of 150 million high-efficiency lighting products through financial subsidies, which will inevitably boost the demand for domestic energy-saving lighting products. . Second, the central and local governments have introduced preferential measures for the procurement of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting products. Local governments will continue to strengthen the government procurement and checks and balances mechanism, implement compulsory and government-approved procurement of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products, and promote energy-saving and reduction of the whole society by establishing a procurement system for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products. Rehabilitation and environmentally friendly society.

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