Hainan's energy conservation promotion target plans to introduce 800,000

Hainan plans to promote 800,000 energy-saving lamps this year

Hainan Province's 2009 Energy Conservation Action Plan was released recently. This year, the province will adopt financial subsidies to promote 800,000 energy-saving lamps in the province, focusing on energy-saving lamps in public institutions, hotels, commercial buildings, residential communities, ethnic minority areas and poverty-stricken mountainous areas. Promotion work.

The action plan clearly shows that the energy consumption per unit of GDP in our province is currently 1% lower than the previous year, and we strive to reduce it by 1.5%.

The action plan will carry out energy-saving technical transformation of the old elevators, air conditioners and electromechanical systems in our province, and promote energy-saving air conditioners and high-efficiency motors. Select large-scale hotels, hotels, business offices, government buildings, and other energy-intensive units to carry out pilot projects, and encourage energy service companies to adopt contract energy management methods to carry out energy-saving technological transformations such as elevators, air conditioners, and motor systems.

Encourage the development of solar photovoltaic power generation, solar air conditioning, promote solar thermal utilization products, accelerate the construction of wind power projects that have already started construction, strive to build new wind power projects with a scale of more than 100,000 kilowatts, and moderately develop bioenergy projects such as gas ethanol and biodiesel. (Hainan Economic News)

Beijing plans to promote 10 million energy-saving lamps in 2009

An energy-saving lamp of 10 yuan can be bought by a person from the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission for a dollar. This kind of good thing has happened in Beijing with 5 million pieces, of which nine out of ten are paid by the government.

In 2008, Beijing invested a total of 20.34 million yuan in municipal-level financial subsidies, completed the promotion of 5 million high-efficiency lighting products, and completed the promotion of Olympic-related hotels, hotels, Olympic venues and other Olympic-related facilities, the public service areas of the four districts, and the promotion of households. Among them, a total of 3.68 million energy-saving lamps were promoted to residents in the four districts of the city. According to preliminary calculations, nearly 5 million high-efficiency lighting products can be replaced by 200 million tons of electricity per year (equivalent to saving 80,000 tons of standard coal per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 200,000 tons per year, and 60,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, 6 10,000 tons of carbon dust and 03,000 tons of nitrogen oxides, saving 100 million yuan in electricity annually. In other words, it is equivalent to recovering all government investment from the central government and the city within half a year.

On the basis of 50% subsidy for each energy-saving lamp by the central government, the two levels of the city will allocate 40% of the government fund subsidy. The public can buy high-quality energy-saving lamps for only 10% of the money. It is understood that such a cheap good thing Beijing plans to promote 10 million in 2009, so that one yuan energy-saving lamps light up thousands of households. (Guangming Daily)

Zhejiang Province financial subsidies for energy-saving products to reduce emissions

Last year, Zhejiang plans to complete the promotion of 3 million energy-saving lamps. Through the efforts of various departments, as of the beginning of this year, the province has completed the promotion and use of 4.1 million energy-saving lamps, which has promoted 1.1 million more than originally planned. Tu Guofu, deputy director of the Resources Department of Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission, said in an interview with reporters on March 6.

Promoting energy-saving lamps is an initiative of Zhejiang Province to implement the central green lighting project. While completing the task of super-indicators, Zhejiang Province actively and steadily promoted the ten key energy-saving projects during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, and achieved new results in energy conservation and emission reduction. There are fewer people in Zhejiang, and the per capita resources are far below the national average. In almost saturated environmental capacity, in 2008, Zhejiang Province used less energy than the previous year, achieving a per capita GDP of over US$6,000, ranking the fourth in the country. According to the latest statistics from the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Statistics, the GDP of Zhejiang Province in 2008 was 21,486.90 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.1%, while the energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by more than 4%, including 1311, which was mainly monitored. Household energy-using enterprises, energy consumption decreased by 4.9% year-on-year, and chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions decreased by more than 3%.

The achievements of energy conservation and emission reduction are inseparable from the strong support of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government. At the same time, enterprises have also gained new development opportunities in energy conservation and emission reduction. According to the statistics of Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Finance has invested a total of 69.54 million yuan in subsidies for energy-saving projects last year. The implementation of energy-saving projects has enhanced the confidence and determination of enterprises to increase investment in energy-saving renovation, and promoted the energy conservation and production costs of enterprises, resulting in direct investment of 2.744 billion yuan. According to the calculation of the Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission, this direct investment will drive a series of demand in the relevant industrial chain to more than 8 billion yuan. The financial subsidies for energy-saving projects are mainly in the industrial sector, such as power, building materials, petrochemicals, machinery, metallurgy, textile printing and dyeing, etc., to help and encourage them to improve technology and system energy conservation. Non-industrial areas are mainly concentrated in large buildings such as hospitals and universities. Tu Guofu said. It is reported that in 2008, there were 177 energy-saving projects in Zhejiang Province with a total investment of 1.96 billion yuan. According to preliminary statistics, the annual energy saving of this batch of projects is about 759,800 tons of standard coal, of which 27.79 billion kWh is saved and the water saving is 5195.77 million tons.

In order to support enterprises to carry out technological transformation, Zhejiang Province is expected to arrange 500 million yuan in 2009 as a loan subsidy for technological transformation of enterprises. Tu Guofu said. In late March, the Zhejiang Provincial Government will hold a conference on energy conservation and consumption reduction in the province. It plans to further strengthen energy conservation supervision, increase investment in energy conservation, strengthen energy conservation review of new projects, implement over-energy price increase, strengthen differential electricity price collection policy, and strengthen energy conservation target assessment. Strictly implement the reward and punishment regulations, etc., in order to better promote energy conservation and emission reduction, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, and promote the economic transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang. (Guangming Daily)

2009 China's efficient lighting product promotion target 100 million


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