Haiyan Sports Bureau LED display procurement project announcement

Title: Haiyan Sports Bureau LED Display Procurement Project Announcement Tender No.: Salt Recruitment (2009) A3 Announcement Date: March 10, 2009 Deadline: March 30, 2009 Tendering Agency: Haiyan County Cultural and Sports Bureau: Zhejiang-Jiaxing City Content: According to the government procurement related laws and regulations, the Haiyan County Government Procurement Management Department confirmed that the Haiyan County Bidding and Purchasing Service Center was entrusted by the Haiyan County Cultural and Sports Bureau to conduct public bidding for the following items, and invited domestic qualified products. The bidder has come to bid and will announce the relevant matters as follows:
I. Tender No.: Salt Recruitment (2009) A3
Second, the type of procurement organization: centralized procurement by the government III. Procurement method: open tendering IV. Bidding project: Haiyan County Cultural and Sports Bureau Project 5: Bidding content: 2 LED display screens (details are subject to the bidding documents)
6. Qualification requirements for qualified bidders:
1. Compliance with the supplier qualification requirements of Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law;
2. The registered capital is RMB 1 million and above;
3. Ability to operate LED hardware, installation and after-sales service;
4. There have been more than two successful cases of similar projects in the past two years.
Seven, the way of sale:
1. Release time: March 10, 2009 to March 18, 2009 (except for weekends and legal holidays), 8:30-11:00, 14:30-17:00
2. Place of sale: Acceptance window on the first floor of Haiyan County Bidding and Purchasing Service Center
3. The price of the bidding documents: 300 yuan for each set of bidding documents, not refundable after sale.
8. The following information should be provided when purchasing the bidding documents (the copy must be stamped with the official seal of the unit):
1. The original and photocopy of the business license of the enterprise legal person approved by the relevant department;
2. The ID card and photocopy of the applicant (supplied with the official employee certificate of the unit, ie the employee pension insurance certificate);
3. The power of attorney of the legal representative;
4, company profile
5. Registration form for bidding (can be downloaded directly from the Internet: http://)
9. Bid security: The bid bond is RMB 10,000. The bidder shall submit it to the Haiyan County Bidding and Purchasing Service Center (the bank of deposit: Haiyan Bank of China Development Division; account number) before _2009__ years __3_month_25 days. Margin payment method: bank draft or cheque form ten, bid deadline and place: Bidders should seal the bid documents to Haiyan County Bidding and Purchasing Service Center before __30__00:00 on March 30, 2009 The reception window of the building is overdue for invalidation.
XI. Bid Opening Time and Place: The bidding will be opened in the opening meeting room on the third floor of the Haiyan County Bidding and Purchasing Service Center on __30 March _14__ 00, 2009. The bidder's representative must attend the bid opening meeting.
12. The tender notice is published on:
Zhejiang Government Procurement Network (http://; Zhejiang) Haiyan Bidding and Purchasing Information Network (http://)
Thirteen, contact information:
Name of Centralized Purchasing Agency: Haiyan County Bidding and Purchasing Service Center Purchasing Unit Name: Haiyan County Sports Bureau Company Name: Haiyan County Bidding and Purchasing Service Center Contact: Mr. Zhang Tel: 0573-86117857 E-mail: Fax: 0573-86117859 Postal Code: Address: No. 100, Zaoyuan East Road, Wuyuan Town, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province

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