Intel: High price of hard drives has not yet driven SSD sales

Intel: High price of hard drives has not yet driven SSD sales Faced with the current high price of hard drives and shortages of inventory in the market, the general view is that at the same time, sales of SSDs will certainly rise sharply, and consumers’ willingness to choose SSDs will increase, but Intel does not think so.

Stacy Smith, the chief financial officer of Intel, pointed out that although Intel would like to see this happen, there is no "significant improvement" in the demand of the SSD market.

Stacy Smith said that Intel's current opportunity to increase SSD sales is expected to be more popular in Ultrabooks, which usually comes standard with an SSD instead of a traditional laptop hard drive. Intel’s ambition is that if Ultrabook can quickly dominate the market, even if hard disk inventory is restored, the bargaining power of companies such as Seagate and Western Digital will decline.

It has been reported that SSD is cutting prices at the high price of hard drives, at least in the European market. However, in the author's opinion, some hot products in the mainland market have seen a slight increase, such as the Crucial M4 64GB.

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