Analysts say AMD is on the right track

Market research firm Gartner analysts said that in the monopoly of Intel's desktop microprocessor market, AMD should pay more attention to the development of embedded device chips.

Sergis Mushell, chief research analyst at Gartner, said: AMD can launch products for these markets, although Intel is now eyeing related equipment and chip development. However, Sergis Mushell said that it takes a long time for a chip manufacturer to get a strong foothold in the embedded device market from product launch.

According to ZDNet, AMD has restructured its business to focus on low-power, emerging markets and cloud computing since AMD's new CEO was launched. Sergis Mushell said that AMD's three key areas are in line with market trends, but he said that AMD's low-power chip strategy does not mean that AMD chip products can only be used in mobile devices, low-power chips can also be Find the market in the laptop.

AMD also introduced a series of dozer server-class processors for cloud computing and virtualization applications. Sergis Mushell said that virtualization technology is a "must have" technology for server-class processors.

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