Huawei CFO Meng Zhouzhou Peking University Speech: Make the ideal and reality more full

On the evening of September 28th, Huawei’s managing director and CFO Meng Zhouzhou gave a speech at the New Sun Activity Center of Peking University. In the speech, Meng Zhouzhou quoted the famous sentence of Liang Tongshu of the Qing Dynasty as “the source is not as good as the gathering place” to show that Peking University and Huawei are “the value of talents due to gathering”. I hope that a generation of young students can choose Huawei and strive for the ideal of technological innovation. .

On September 26th, Meng Xiazhou’s speech at Tsinghua University triggered a strong resonance among young students. At Peking University, as the closing point of Huawei’s 2017 campus recruitment seminar, Meng Xiazhou had more interaction with the students. The answering questions are wonderful.

Speech quotation

"Today, the speech at the unnamed lakeside makes me a little embarrassed. If you talk about money, the poet may jump out and yell at me, because "Unnamed Lake is a sea, poets are hidden in the water", poets are indifferent to fame and fortune; If you don't talk about money, you will ask me again. Is it just to talk about feelings and not to talk about money?

In fact, life is beautiful, and ideals are in the same reality. Huawei's heroes and children, whether in the Sahara Desert or from South America to North America, are full of desire and obsession with victory. Their decades of continuous struggle have made Huawei a leader in the ICT industry. Bringing superior living conditions to the family. Tonight, let us look forward to the beauty of the intelligent society, and the ideals and reality will be more full.

I want to pay tribute to the masters of Peking University.

The Peking University school badge designed by Mr. Lu Xun allows us to understand the meaning of “three people for the public”. The shape of the three people on the school badge looks like a human backbone. I suspect that Mr. Lu Xun is through this design and expects young students. Become the backbone of the country.

However, when the three people are separated, we can't see the bones, we can't see the spine, we can't see the spirit. People perceive their own smallness and their behavior begins to be great.

People can only see the direction of progress if they raise their heads and stand up to the chest. When we bow our heads, we can only see our own small circles. The comfort of sitting in the sky makes us out of touch with the progress of society.

Standing up the backbone and bravely moving forward is the value that has been practiced by generations of Peking University. This is the same spirit as Huawei's "hard work, open innovation". At the same time, Huawei is also "compatibility and freedom of thought" with Peking University. Huawei's Heart Forum is our "Roman Square". Here we are eager to hear everyone's criticism. Huawei's culture is an open coffee culture, where we are eager to absorb The energy of the universe. ”

question Time:

1. I often see news reports. Huawei has mentioned “no man's land”, “promising future”, “can't find direction” and so on. How do you understand? If Huawei is confused about the future, how to maintain rapid growth?

This paragraph is from the speech of the 2016 National Science and Technology Conference. Mr. Ren also mentioned that Huawei is confident that its sales revenue will exceed 150 billion US dollars in 2020.

The no-man's land and confusion mentioned by Ren is purely a mystery of science and technology. Shannon's theorem, which is the basis of information theory, and Moore's Law, which is the basis of information engineering technology, have approached the limit. If we can't break through the limits of time delay and bandwidth, how can human society move toward a smart society?

And the new technology, new opportunities, and new breakthroughs are also brewing in the confusion. This is the expectation that scientists and future talents will break through the basic theory. We are exploding the talent pyramid, attracting outstanding young people through a variety of ways, and jointly breaking through the confusion and moving towards a smart society of the future.

Huawei's 2012 lab has already begun research on forward-looking technologies for the next 5-10 years. In the field of 5G for next-generation communication technology, we have made major technological breakthroughs and led the industry.

2. If I join Huawei, what advantages do I have with other peers after four or five years? Huawei already has 170,000 people. Do we have opportunities for development?

"It is always the gold that will shine." This sentence is said to be Nietzsche. If this is the case, the people of the world have been drinking this bowl of chicken soup for more than 100 years.

But in fact, gold is not shining. Put a piece of gold in a black room. How can it shine? The choices you make are more important than talent. Huawei has a global platform, and Huawei's training mechanism is to make gold shine.

First of all, at Huawei, you can have a global perspective. Huawei puts talent on the global platform to polish, and the chance of gold reflecting the sun is big. At Huawei, we can be a general regardless of seniority. Huawei selects talents in actual combat and trains talents through training and training. Huawei's heroes are all crawling in the mud. As long as you work hard, as long as you are aggressive, you can grow from a soldier to a general in three years.

Huawei is using the best people to train better people. Huawei's training system is perfect, we train like a battle. For example, new employee training, to help you understand the company, rapid integration; and strategic reserve team training for excellent employees, through the cycle of training to accumulate professional capabilities.

Excellent Huawei children, not only get a good salary return, but also a career platform, growth space, and international vision.

3. Huawei's current volume is already very large. With the competition of a large number of young technology companies, Huawei is more and more difficult to maintain its current market share. Huawei continues to grow bigger and stronger, and needs new growth points. What is the new growth point for Huawei in the future?

First of all, I have to say that this is an inaccurate statement. The future is not difficult and growing, but the opportunities are getting bigger and bigger. The key is to see if there is any ability to seize the fleeting opportunity. When the wind stops, the pigs will fall. The future is not only because of the market space, but also Continue to maintain strong core competitiveness.

The transformation of ICT technology in all walks of life is accelerating, enabling digital transformation in all walks of life. Huawei's focus on the ICT industry market space continues to expand, and by 2025 will reach a $15 trillion digital transformation market space. In the future of intelligent society, ICT networks and intelligent terminals are the foundation. The development of a smart society will inevitably lead to unimaginable data traffic, such as 4K HD video, VR/AR, Internet of Things, cloud services, etc., all of which require ICT networks to access, store, transmit and distribute, as well as various Kind of massive intelligent terminal.

Huawei's strategy is to focus on the main channel. We are a strategic opportunity to continue to charge for big data transmission and seize the big data flood. The network has been repaired wider than the Pacific Ocean, building a ubiquitous, fully connected world. We provide the basic network products, solutions and services that the world needs to connect, such as base stations, optical transmission, data centers, cloud computing, and more. Therefore, the future is not difficult, but the opportunities are getting bigger and bigger.

The new technology company you mentioned is an eco-partnership with us. Cloud computing and big data have spawned many new technology companies. These companies are both Huawei's customers and have competition and cooperation in the industry chain. Huawei's goal is to jointly build a healthy ecological environment and industrial chain, and jointly make the cake bigger. .

4. The scale of Huawei's business has expanded, and the organization has become more and more large. However, the greater the quality, the greater the inertia. How can Huawei avoid large company diseases? How to simplify the internal complicated process?

Since 1997, Huawei has been learning the IPD integrated development management system from IBM. This is the key to Huawei becoming a big international company. In these years, Huawei has learned from Western companies in various aspects, and its management consulting fees have reached several billion dollars.

Huawei's core values ​​are "customer-centric, struggle-oriented, long-term hard work, self-criticism". The last one is to stick to self-criticism. Past success is not a reliable guide to future success. You can't be fascinated by past successes, superstitious past successes, and dare to constantly criticize yourself. Within Huawei, we have established an entity called the "Blue Army", the mission of the Blue Army. It is constantly attacking Huawei. In the attack of the Blue Army, we constantly improve ourselves and make ourselves stronger.

At Huawei we manage the certainty and uncertainty separately. For deterministic business, it is required to continuously improve efficiency and quality, empower the first-line combat troops, and solidify the mature experience and methods into the process; for uncertain business, we encourage trial and error, constantly summarize, continuously improve, and use the best People solve the most difficult problems and are guided by the results of responsibility.

Huawei insists that people who can hear the gunfire call for gunfire, let the pressure of customers pass through the organization without loss, and regard customer satisfaction as the source of continuous improvement of Huawei management.

5. Many reports on the Internet say that Huawei requires frequent overtime work. If you don't work overtime, it will affect the assessment and promotion opportunities. Is this true?

Huawei colleagues who are present today have been working at Huawei for at least 10 years. What are their appearances and their spiritual outlook? I don't know if this is due to 7X24 hours of overtime?

First of all, Huawei does not encourage overtime. We want our employees to work efficiently and get the job done during business hours. We evaluate employees as being responsible for results, not whether you work overtime. Of course, because of the globalization of business development, the time difference, sometimes, we really need to open a conference call, return mail or something in the evening or weekend.

Speaking of this problem, I remembered seeing a sentence before: "The difference in life is just 8 hours away", I agree. Imagine that after working for 8 hours, some people choose to relax, entertain, and brush friends, while others choose to read and learn, and constantly improve themselves. A few years later, the gap opened.

I want to say that everyone confuses the problems of overtime and progress, not because you have been promoted because of overtime, but because you have spent more time and effort than others, so you have improved, so you are promoted. It is. Ren always told us a little story. On the grasslands of Masai Mara, you can only survive if you run faster than other antelopes.

Time is fair to everyone, the key is to see how you choose.

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