Talking about the sales skills of skid line

Key points: Do not save your business card, do not hide your phone

Do business people, must not send a business card, but must not hide your business phone. However, we can always find people who are too stingy on the issue of business cards, and we can always find many business owners who do not let the waiters tell their guests their phone number. I really don't understand. Since you didn't owe people anything, you didn't do anything to deceive people. Why do you want to be afraid that people know your phone number? I hope that all people in the world will have my business cards. They all know my phone number and they all know what business I am doing. That's good. On the issue of distributing business cards, let us give another example. For example: An express salesman. He came to me for the first time because he sent a shipment to me if he knew at the same time to send me a business card and give it to me. Briefly introduce some of their company's courier services and services, then, may be the next time I want to send a shipment, will think of this person, will come up with his business card to check. This courier's performance is certainly better.

Key point: Put the business card of the target customer on the plan board, and then desperately force yourself into action

Sticking the target customer's business card on the plan board can make your goals clear and clear. Of course, at the same time, we must force ourselves to persuade them to sacrifice their energies. Point: Foreign-oriented processing companies that choose foreign investment are partners in the domestic market. If they choose to cooperate with large companies, they have already formed their own sales channels. Therefore, the conditions for us will be very harsh. However, if you look for small domestically-produced small factories as partners, there are unstable factors. First, production is unstable, second, quality is unstable, and third, cooperation is unstable (since such small factories may close at any time); Cooperation with such small factories may even involve remittance risks, because when you remit money, he may have already closed down. Foreign-oriented foreign-invested processing companies have always taken orders from foreign OEMs, but they have not had a sales network in the Chinese mainland market. Such foreign companies have stable production, good reputation, and excellent quality. However, they lack the network and experience of doing domestic sales in the mainland. Therefore, we can fully cooperate with our advantages.

Key points: European outlets should be converted to direct warehousing sales according to the single production method

Before the Cixi people made exports of European-style outlets, basically the "production by order" model. why? Because the standard of European sockets is different from that of China National Standard sockets, if the European sockets are produced too much, there will be difficulties in handling them. However, this method of bill production also has major drawbacks: (1) it is completely controlled by foreign sellers, (2) profit margin (3) cannot adapt to changes in material prices, and (4) the number does not go much. Such as: Last year, Kaifeng Electric Co., Ltd. exported its European-style outlets at a loss, because the originally set prices were too low, causing losses after the prices of materials rose; for example, the number of bullet-headed European-style sockets has not risen. The reason is that there are not many direct foreign customers. Has not dared to let go and do it, and Kaifeng is selling directly in Germany.

Key point: When everyone feels it is hard to do, you should do well before you have the ability.

From the survey of Yiwu market, we can see that many merchants are relocating to customers, indicating that they are very competitive and difficult to do business. But in fact, when everyone is difficult to do, you only need to spend more time and have more good ideas than others. You will be more successful than others. For example, in Yiwu, there are many Middle Eastern guests. Just go to Yiwu to find hotels (Jinding Hotel) and eaters (Maid, Al-Aqsa, Mediterranean, Sabah, and Muslim) frequented by Middle Eastern guests, and advertise with hotels and restaurants. , you can get good results. In addition, advertising is also a method of advertising in places where Middle Eastern guests gather to engage in religious activities; advertising is also a method of advertising in the Yueyang Community, where they are concentrated. In the way they are treated, they must be converted from foreign procurement offices into our sales agents in their countries, and train some of them to return to their own countries. In addition, it is also important to try to nurture the feelings of those little girls who do translations.

Key points: Turn local agents into our sales representatives

Turn our agents from all over the place into our sales representatives. Let us develop the market by ourselves and then hand it over to the agents to manage. This will eliminate the fears of agents. For example, they will not dare to carry goods so as to affect our performance. We just need an unpaid employee who helps us to supervise, manage, deliver, and collect money on the spot, that is, to act as a salesman to transfer goods and manage accounts.

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