The old man machine preferred - Mi millet red rice 4A mobile phone drying

The purchase of mobile phones this time was for the elderly at home. In the early years, the old man had been using the machine, but unfortunately he had broken it for three years and could only buy it again. The elders were also interested in the smart machine at this time. They said that Aunt Zhang was using a large-screen machine next to her and had better be photographed and sang. Well, depending on you!

Just when visiting X Fish some time, I saw a local seller who was out of the X brand mobile phone. I had never used it before. I feel that domestic products are fine, so I received a å•¥8817D or something. (To tell the truth, the model is good, too much, too much! I guess people who sell will not necessarily make so many models out of it? Glory glory series, play series, MATE, P, 4X, 5C, plus look It's a headache.) But after all it was a used machine that took about a year to open. Always stay in a boot screen, took the after-sale check and said that the motherboard is broken, to repair it would have spent ...... yuan. Forget it, but the mobile phone bought 200. It took 300 repairs, not worth it.

Then we started a new round of elections..........Elderly speech: Must have a smart machine! Must be more than 5 inches big screen! Must be dual card dual standby! Must be loud! Must be big! It must be cheap... Yes, you read it correctly. Must be cheap, not more than 800. Double 11 when I heard the myth of red rice 4A, did not pay attention before, so looking for the past to see, I feel this machine can ah, the price is very fair. The shortcomings of netizens who spit on the trough are completely non-existent to me. You say that the CPU is not don't need to play the game; you say the picture is not can be more powerful than the old man. You say the screen is not is 5 inches. Most of the 4S; no fingerprint ... with him will not use; plastic shell .... cheap ah; bad expansion ... cheap ah ..... cheaper ah ..... Only 499 in total, you have to pick up a bike.... Don't say nonsense, start the picture

Appearance Gallery

Screenshots of orders: Double 12 orders, waiting for so many days...

It is said that Xiaomi’s traditional packaging was born for fever....

Invoices come with the goods

Do not know when to start, the packaging of digital products began to take a minimalist route, shallow 4A words on the box

Side logo, complete unopened

Out of the box

Family portrait, now no random headphones are included...

Charging interface, very careful with the two-dimensional code to do a seal

After the inspection, start the boot .... Mijia LOGO began to appear

I was peeled off and put in a box, and I didn't know if it was useful or not.

Miui8, is said to optimize a lot ....

When I turn on the camera, as the netizens said, there are a lot of programs attached, and there is an office.... The elders at home don't seem to need it..

Something that comes with it is still a lot, basically not used, ready to clean up all

After all the unwanted software is deleted, there is about 9G more storage space, which is called 16G storage space. Where did you go?

The following figure shows that after opening Minimalist mode, each button is visually judged to be as large as a mahjong tile and can support customization. The difference from Huawei's Minimalist mode is that it seems that it is not easy to set wallpapers and lock screen wallpapers. The old man wanted to put a picture of the child at home.

With the effect of increasing the size of the font, they indicated that they were fully adequate.

The last thing is to praise, the courier's information is very warm heart ah ... After I saw the information, I immediately deal with the garbage out of the door, can not give people trouble is not ....?

experience feelings

1, the degree of fluency is very high, when used feel very smooth

2, photographed in general, the light is not very good

3, storage space is slightly insufficient. I just gave a song to the machine and nothing was installed. Up to 9G margin

to sum up

The price is really good. This configuration of this price, conscience, national aircraft, and the opening of a new era of "half thousand machines"

The key is to follow the push of the aunt's house and grasp the timing

The above is only personal opinion for your reference!

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