UPS knowledge classroom - UPS common faults and handling

In response to the needs of our customers, Xiaobian deliberately co-operates with the three major themes of UPS and battery equipment, from the installation environment to common problems and cycle maintenance. It will be launched in succession: "UPS knowledge classroom - UPS and battery installation environment" " UPS knowledge classroom - UPS common faults and processing "UPS knowledge classroom - UPS maintenance cycle and content", so stay tuned ~

Today's grand launch: "UPS knowledge classroom - UPS common faults and processing"

UPS is an external device that can provide continuous, stable, uninterruptible power supply, and it is very important to ensure its normal and stable work. The following simplifies the common faults and processing methods of the UPS in the equipment room for reference.

UPS failure

Common faults and treatment methods

Fault phenomenon


REC, BYP red flash, STATUS red light, BAT green flash, INV light

Abnormality in Mains, Mains Power Outage or Mains Input Voltage Exceeds Host Range, Check Mains Input Voltage and Frequency

REC, BYP, OUTPUT green light, INV indicator flashes green, STATUS green steady

Manually go to bypass state, no unlock, bypass bypass open to see bypass detection voltage

REC, INV, BAT green light, BYP off, OUTPUT red light

Output overload, view host output load rate

STATUS red light is always on, REC, INV, BAT green light, BYP off

Check whether the UPS host has abnormal alarms, such as fan failures.

UPS input breaker tripped

To reduce the load on the UPS, disconnect the load on the device and press the circuit breaker button to reset the circuit breaker. Check whether the input breaker is connected to the leakage protector. If yes, check whether the leakage is removed. Also jump

Bypass light is on, and the output is overloaded

Disconnect all unimportant devices. Restart it to see if it is normal; external dynamic overload, load reduction, until the overload disappears, restart the UPS.

Internal smoke or burning

UPS internal failure, do not attempt to continue to use the UPS, turn off the UPS and perform immediate maintenance

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UPS failure

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