[Summary] seven major application areas of drones in business

According to foreign media reports, drones have attracted the interest of many fans and entrepreneurs since they entered the civilian sector. On June 21, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a new regulation on the use of civilian drones, known as "Part 107." These new regulations will take effect from August 29, and many entrepreneurs can't wait to conduct drone-based business ventures.

In order to understand the wide range of applications that drones can provide to business owners, we interviewed some industry insiders and drone experts about the future of this technology. Their responses show that drones are a versatile tool that not only transforms existing businesses, but also helps create new companies.

US Federal Aviation Administration and regulatory environment

The new regulations simplify the process of legally operating drones for commercial use. For many companies, this helps them streamline the business expansion process for commercial drones. In Section 107, the changes in the standard for the relaxation of drone pilots and the removal of the “Article 333 Exemption Clauses” were necessary for previous commercial operations.

"The drone entered a period of rapid growth" - 300,000 drones were applied for registration during the first month of the FAA's open registration website, and the number of pilots on manned aircraft could not keep up with this demand. "Mike Wayne, founder and CEO of DRONEDEPLOY UAV Software," said the most obvious change in "Section 107" is that operating commercial drones no longer require pilot licenses and removes Section 333 exemptions. This key point – the need for pilot licenses and lack of transparency, is the most important bottleneck for many companies looking to expand the range of drone operations.

Essentially, as long as it is controlled by a vision-accepted operator, you can fly up to 400 feet using a drone with a weight of less than 55 pounds. Lawyer Brendan Perry of Kennyhertz Perry Law Firm explained. Before the new regulations are implemented, the drone operator must have a pilot license. It is impossible for many companies to hire a pilot to operate a drone. Current eyesight certification is simple and easy, and adults can get certification quickly at a fraction of the cost. This opens the door to almost any company using drones to conduct business.

UAV application in business

Commercial drones have so far been used primarily for video and photos, especially for marketing purposes. But there are many other apps for drone technology that might surprise you. From agricultural applications to Internet access, drones can be used in every aspect, and it can change the way humans think about some of the key operations of the past.

“The only limitation is human imagination,” said Brian Opp, aviation business development manager for the North Dakota Department of Commerce. “I often hear people compare the drone to the Internet. I don’t know if the drone can change the world, but it’s true that drones have had a positive impact in many commercial applications, such as improving the safety of the industry.”

"I think the drone industry is about to take off," said Joshua Larsson, founder of the drone consulting company. “This technology can be used to do anything, as we have seen. This is the safest and most efficient way for training and education operators to fly in the airspace of a manned aircraft. There are already some pilots who are skilled at using it. Drones, they can grow in large and small businesses in the future."


Farmers using drones can benefit in the following ways. UAV industry insiders believe that agriculture is a huge area for UAV applications. Drones can spray pesticides, fertilize and sow, as well as observe crop production and harvests. For livestock farms, drones can also be used to monitor animals and quickly collect useful animal health and population data.

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