Jingke Interview: 2016 COB Lighting Applications and Trends

According to the US Department of Energy's solid-state lighting (SSL) R&D program released in May 2015, LEDs are expected to account for 40% of the US lighting market by 2020, including fluorescent and halogen lamps. In addition, it predicts that by 2030, more than 88% of the lighting will be replaced by LEDs, which is the main energy saving trend.

Jingke Electronics believes that in order to achieve such a goal, the lighting efficacy of the finished product needs to reach 200 lm/W, and the luminous efficacy of the LED package needs to reach 220 lm/W. In addition, in order to improve the light efficiency of LED lighting products, Jinko has proposed to improve power performance (power supply makes LED lighting efficacy and life significantly reduced) and expand high-voltage LED applications. Jingke Electronics' 2016 new generation COB core series products have the highest light efficiency in the industry, and its index has reached more than 90. The development of this series is to produce maximum luminous flux on the minimum luminous surface area. The product range is from 6.0 square millimeters (EP-B series 1304) to 24.5 square millimeters (EP-A series 2828), mainly for 100. -150W HID for indoor or outdoor applications. At the same time, the series offers the widest range of color temperatures (2870K to 3710K) with CRIs of up to 80 or 90. Its AC COB high-voltage linear solution technology meets the AC and high-voltage technologies highlighted in the US Department of Energy report and is considered to be the best solution to improve current power supply high defect rates and low life issues. Jinko Electronics plans to open a new era of high-efficiency, long-life LEDs by expanding the supply of COB.

Cost-effective, Target>2000lm/$EMC-5050

Jingke Electronics said that with the increasingly fierce competition in the commercial application field of LED lamps, the structure of LED lamps with smaller size, stronger performance and higher reliability has become the goal pursued by the commercial lighting industry. The traditional LED light source adopts the gold wire connection package structure, and the gold wire is easily damaged by the external force and the colloidal thermal expansion and contraction of the light source itself, resulting in a dead light, and the traditional LED light source (including COB) has a large luminous surface, matching the small angle secondary optics. When the device is used, the luminaire is bulky and it is not convenient to optimize the appearance of the luminaire structure.

Under this trend, the high-density crystal electronics with small light-emitting surface and high-intensity beam output characteristics and no gold wire package structure 2016 new generation COB core series products have become the shining star among many LED light sources, starting in the middle and high-end commercial lighting The field is widely used.

Featured by dome surface, 270 wide lighting beam angle, and side bend. S21 covers all colors and functions as well like S15. Comparing with S15, S21 generates more harmonious lighting effect with lower lumen output.S21can be widely used for garden, landscape, stairs, wall grazing, orientation lighting, window reveal and underground.

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